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Stupax - Sidescroller game


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Hi all,

I would like to introduce Stupax: A different sidescroller game, where you are not the guy, you are the level!

In fact you control a movable platform using the arrow keys or your gamepad (Gamepad API) to help the guy (namely Stupax) to get through the levels.

You can play the game here: http://mbarde.bplaced.de/stupax/


  • Arrow keys / Gamepad
  • 'R' for level restart
  • 'ESC' pause game and open menu

Create and test your own levels here: http://mbarde.bplaced.de/stupax/editor.html

You can find further information on my website and view the source code including contributions for the music, sounds and textures on GitHub.




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Thanks for you nice feedback!

Would be excited to receive some feedback regarding the gaming experience. Is it fun to play the game? Are there any things which do not work or are frustrating? After spending so much time developing and testing the game my personal view may be biased :D

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Ah yes, would be really nice to be featured on babylonjs.com next to all this cool applications and demos.

I really like the music as well, found the track on opengameart.org.


Thanks for your feedback,  I really appreciate it! I am aware that the game has not been perfectly polished yet. Do you have some concrete suggestions for improvements?


The next bigger feature I would like to implement (as soon as I find some time) is that users should be able to create levels on their own and publish them directly within the game so that other players can easily access and play them. You can already use the editor and test your levels. But currently you are only able to download the level file and I would have to put it manually into the game if you would like to share your creation (which is kinda cumbersome).

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One little thing about the github README: you don't have put the direct link to the game ;)

Just to know, why you doesn't update BJS to 3.1 version? (or maybe the 3.2 alpha > this will allow to use glow!)

About some little tweaks, here some ideas:

  • smooth the dynamic light an reduce the big white spot on the meshes
  • maybe see what's going on if we simulate a little relief on the blocks? Can be interesting. https://imgur.com/IcHgwgx
  • is it possible to add some random variation on the background blocks? Or maybe use some decals to bring us chaos!
  • as the character it in 2D, maybe attenuate the 3D lighting effect of the blocks? (tend to kind of cartoon rendering)

(If you're interesting in some help, I can... but I can't promise a not-random-availability :ph34r:)


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On 2/21/2018 at 9:31 AM, mbarde said:

publish them directly within the game so that other players can easily access and play them

This is what I'm working on now for my game - now that it's "ready"!

I also have an editor for making levels, but it's 3D - I figured that the best levels are not going to be made by me, so I started my game by making the editor first.  Anyway, I have a website where people can log in, create levels and will soon be able to share them.  It's an asp.net site running on Azure, so not sure if you wanted the expense of running a website.  You get some cool features like Application Insights, too.  I went as cheap as I could (around 12 euro/month)  with custom domain (D1 shared instance - no SSL); even choosing SQL server instead of CosmosDb - even though my levels are also all JSON!

It's not on GitHub, but if you are interested in the code then PM me and I'd be happy to share it.  I'm planning to share the 3d level editor as open source, but not the game itself.  Now that you bring this up then maybe a game website template for users + levels is also something others would find useful, too.

And most importantly - highly cool game.  Thanks for sharing.  It's really inspiring to see other indie game devs :) I'm doing the first public demo of my game in 5 days, so super exciting times!

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@Deltakosh: Thank you for publishing it!


Thanks for your detailed feedback! I will definitively try to upgrade to the current BabylonJS version (are there any issues to consider when upgrading?) and include a direct link to the game within the README ;) 

I am not really happy about this big white spot as well, but was not yet able to figure out a better configuration which provides enough light for the player while looking nice and smooth. Originally I intended to create the visual appearance of a (kinda) industrial spotlight directed at the platform.

What exactly do you mean with attenuate the 3D lighting effect of the blocks? Can this be achieved by using a different material?


Thank you for the nice offer! I'll probably come back to that. At the moment my plan is to implement a little `node.js`-Server which manages and delivers community made levels (https://github.com/mbarde/StupaxCommunityServer). Recently I worked a lot with `node.js` and it is quite easy to develop with and deploy, for example via Heroku. I guess for my purpose this should be sufficient.

I am excited to learn more about your project, sounds really interesting!

@waverider: Nice work, I hope it was not too hard to reach this stage (I know the level design may deserve some polishing as well) :D  

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20 minutes ago, mbarde said:

What exactly do you mean with attenuate the 3D lighting effect of the blocks?

Yes that wasn't very obvious explanation :P I meaned to try to attenuate contrast between shadows and light (maybe just by playing with scene.ambientColor?)

About the light linked to the platform, I think you can first exclude the platform itself from the light, and fake a lighting with an emissiveTexture on it (plus glow effect for example, can be faked with a texture - or easy to do, but in BJS 3.2 alpha :ph34r:).

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