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Somebody recently mentioned to me (AGAIN) that ALL CAPS on something now-a-days means YELLING.

I am sorry to everyone on these forums if you thought that the ALL CAPS on stuff in my posts are yelling.

I am just getting old. Back in my day, the CAPS meant to emphasize something not yelling.

I am sure that is PROGRAMMED into my DNA now so you will always see CAPS. Not Yelling though :)


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:D  Nobody will remember that, and others likely don't care if you got an ass-chewing for caps-usage.  :D

How about writing "Caps != Yell" on your forum profile photo?   Then we might remember your caps policies.

Note to others:  I wasn't the one who misunderstood Mackey's caps... as yelling.  I'm just typing this comment... cuz... I'm lonely and bored.  :)

Sorry ya got misunderstood, MK24.  People are rather reactive these days... especially in social chat-rants.

I sincerely hope the emotions calmed and the acquaintanceship was salvaged... after you explained yourself.  (hug)

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