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Let's move to Discourse?  

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  1. 1. Do you want to move to Discourse?

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Hehehe! That's gonna be a cool discussion!

After seeing this announcement from @rich (leader of Phaser project), I said to myself: "hey it could be cool to have a modern forum as well :)"

So I pinged the cool guys at Discourse to see if they can offer to host us (still waiting for their answer).


Data will NOT be migrated from here. This forum will move to read-only to keep track of all the information it holds but starting from when we moved it will not be used (a large clear message will be displayed to let people know that we moved)


What do you think about moving there?

From my point of view, moving to a new forum like Discourse will:

- An integrated way to flag answers!!!!!!!!!!!

- Better search engine

- Better looking pages

- No more pages!!!!!! Just a long thread

- Smart notifications (I really love this one)

- A mobile app!!

- badges ;)


So what do you think?

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Discourse is good, but beware of the painful anti-spam which needs monitoring.

I tried to use Discourse in two different forums recently and ended up in the spam filter in both and my postings have never been cleared.

The reason I ended up in spam was posting DNS data which looked like links, so maybe whitelist any *.babylonjs.com links or keep an eye on the spam folder.

My point is, a lot of technical discussion can end up in spam which is unfortunate but it's still a step forward.

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It lacks things that was helpful to this new forum. Like to mark all subjects as read. What was read and not read What are the online users? The fields for creating and replying to the message are very small. The external link create problems. for example PGs do not work properly.
And I have not seen everything yet, I hope that there are solutions to this forum.

I was good on this forum me.

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Please read this : http://www.html5gamedevs.com/forum/33-phaser-3/

and this : https://phaser.discourse.group/t/welcome-to-the-new-phaser-forum/15

Rich is the owner of the current forum hosting, the BJS forum is simply a share in this hosting. The Phaser community will leave to Disclosure within weeks or months and the current Phaser forum will slowly die...in terms of community activity. It will still exist for archive/history reasons.

Then Rich will have no more reason to maintain, animate (nor pay) for HGdev hosting, no more reason than archive/history necessity.


I know we all love our current forum. It's not just a tool. The forum is our community cement ! it's our bar, pub, club house, what you prefer... it's the place where we love to talk about BJS, to make jokes, to show nice demos and to help others.  It's a meeting place and a small part of humanity in this vast virtual space that Internet is.

We all are conservative, we all love our logos, emoticones, pages, links, buttons, tiny red notifications, etc. Well, our habits. Because they help us to feel confortable. Hell, it's our home, here !


But the reality is that this home will certainly disappear due to the Phaser community choices. We were depending on them since the begining and fortunately they accepted to invite us and to host us when BJS was just a tiny thing with no fame. So, many thanks to them. Maybe it's time now that we grew up to fly with our own wings and to leave this crumbling house to get a better one.


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1 hour ago, V!nc3r said:

Is migrating html5 forum to discourse too difficult to do?

Hiya V (and others).  I second that question.  :)

I would LOVE to have the old forum contents... become webpages that we can EACH archive.

I have written a crap-load of in-forum tutorial-like posts.  I would HATE to see them destroyed... ever.

I wonder how big a "dump to html" would be.

If we could dump all old posts... to html... and I get a copy... that would be best.  That way, my huge pile of yapping... is safe... and it's in OUR hands, not dependent upon anyone else.

Also, I wish the new forum was a little less "preachy" about trying to control my niceness, and a little more preachy about how they are going to quickly fix/adjust all the broken and crappy things we find in their forum software.  ie.  Concern themselves with THEIR "nice", and let us run our own lives.   Let's see if THEY act nice, and have ANY credentials to try to tell US how to act.  We have 5 years of success under our belts.  THEY are the ones on-trial, not us.

We should be severely scrutinizing their issue resolution channels/techniques, and they should bending over backwards to ensure to us... that they have a good one and that we will be loved.  When doing Us-Them wars (capitalism)... NEVER trust a them.  Them's often have a big cock'n'bull "front" or "facade" erected, and zero integrity or intestinal fortitude to back it. 

This also applies to words such as...  "old forum will remain read-only available".  Don't believe it.  Get a safer copy of our stuff... PLEASE, if possible.  Don't trust ANYTHING.

Once we get our old "stuff" into web pages form... we'll publish them at github.io.  Then, we'll go thru our docs... and find/fix all the links to forum posts... re-targeting them to github.io pages/anchors.  Safer.  Wingnut won't cry because someone pissed-away 31 trillion pounds of Wingnut noob-teaching.  :unsure:  PLUS... everyone else's posts that I still need to learn stuff-from.  The forum is a HUGE teaching/learning center.  Let's fig a way to save it and re-presentation it, somehow.

Worst case, somebody, just dump the entire forum DB to DVD, and I'll pay for a copy... allowing future rescue if necessary.  SOMEBODY, get us some more-safe backups and archives... please.  Don't trust the words of ANY "them"... really.  Sorry if I topic-wandered outside-of the scope of this thread.  Perhaps a "backing it up" thread is apropos.

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I agree : whatever the mean, it would be more than great to dump, download or save all the existing stuff... because it's quite sure this will disapear for some reason once noone will post, animate or answer any longer :(

I also have tons of explanations that I would like to save. 

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I have a feeling @Deltakosh doesn't have DB access here, but if he can get a DB dump/backup file of the babylonJs forums, it would make it easier to either transfer (would still require quite a lot of manual editing) or make some kind of knowledge-base page.
other solution could be a raw HTML grab hosted on github

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