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So guys, the good news is this forum will remain for archive purpose :) Rich and I discussed about that and he will keep it alive for Phaser as well but as read only.

This way we will not lose anytime and we will be able to refer to this forum at any time.

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But if you want deltakosh, I can transfer everything from this forum to others with a little bit of work.I just need the SQL file of this forum and the architecture of the new one to create new queries in order to transfer everything.

But if this forum is not going to disappear, that's good too, but I also agree with what Jerome says.

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Thanks a lot Dad but I have no access to SAL and honestly I agree with Rich on the idea that transferring everything will never be perfect. So let's keep this forum here for history and start our new journey on the new one ;)

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I gotta say, it saddens me to move from this forum :(

I liked having some Phaser threads show up in the activity feed as well, even if I don't use Phaser myself.

However, if Phaser is moving anyway, I'm on board with moving the BabylonJS activity elsewhere as well.

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16 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

This way we will not lose anytime and we will be able to refer to this forum at any time.

This is the part I don't believe/trust.  Words come easy, but follow-through is subject to folks "changing their minds".

We don't need access to the current DB.  We just need someone near the DB... to get us a backup.  Not necessarily one of "our people".  Ask the folks near the DB to make a copy for us.  What's so difficult about that?  Are we asking for the moon and stars?  No.  Just a backup.  Would it be a binary mess that we couldn't decipher anyway?  Can we fire-up an Invision forum later, and re-activate it all?  (in case of emergency)

Please, let's not be flippant/negligent about the value of this archive.  These changes are happening much too fast and (possibly) without proper ass-covering.  How about we take another month or two to completely investigate our back-up options?  Just one wrong move during this hack'n'slash transition, and our knowledge base could be killed.

Are there animosities involved... in these decisions?  Is someone pissed at someone else?

And while we're at it, what are the backup options for the new forum?  Are we destined to go thru this "nail-biter" thing... AGAIN?   So stressful.

Don't we NEED to be ready... to revert, in case the new forum or its authors/support... suck beyond belief? 

This whole operation feels somewhat haphazard to me... done "on a wing and a prayer", perhaps.  Maybe it's my inexperience in these things... that causes these worries.  About 10 million future BJS users... have not read ANY of our posts, yet.

People tend to quickly label as "everything is fine" when in-fact, everything is NOT fine.  This premature "it's fine" labeling is often caused by laziness and rush.  No matter the rush to fly to the new destination, take some time to pack some luggage and make sure your "home" is safe... before departing. 

This will be my last comments on this subject, I think.  Sorry for all the worrying, but I'm worried.  I love and cherish the posts in this forum.


On 12/7/2018 at 5:01 PM, Deltakosh said:

just the mobile app could save my day

Hey DK, they make laptops that are ALMOST as small as tablets/pads, and almost as easy to take to lunch with you.  With a laptop, you can get a REAL keyboard, and you can avoid thumb-typing.  Then, you could even type sentences longer than "pinging RaananW".   :D  hahaha.

Ahh, it's so much fun to pummel tablet thumb-typers.  :)  They yell "Hey Wingnut... more white space in your posts, please"... and I yell "Hey pad user... less white space in your posts, please".  :)  fun.  The new forum looks kind of white-spacey... like a tablet user was involved in its CSS/design.  The desktops vs. mobiles "styling wars"... continue.

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5 hours ago, NasimiAsl said:

i need all my post i use them like reference here :(

You can make a copy of your post here and copy it on the new forum eventually.

For the backup, it seems that Deltakosh does not have access to the export of the backup in a .sql file which is the only method to retrieve a backup.It is a kind of file which create queries to insert enter into a database.

However, I find that it is not very practical to have to search on a forum and then ask questions in another, but if we have to do with it, we must adapt to this new situation and recreate a new story about the new forum.

This new forum is pretty cool, simple but very effective to use. I was reluctant at first, but it's true that the new forum has something more modern. The design is purifying and goes to the essentials. It works like facebook, the messages are instant, no need to refresh the post, it appears by magic.

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That's very kind of you.

But I think we have to think about a way to download everything. Fortunately (and because we decided early to migrate) there"s no hurry for now, we can think, study, test some ways to get the archive.

We don't have access to the DB, it's a fact. But it's not a new one, it's something that we've ever been facing to. We were depending on another community's tool and on a service that doesn't allow to get the data back. It's a long time known issue.

We can, from now, start to think how to get everything back whatever the way. No need for hurry.

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This forum is not just a warm place where we drink beers, it is also the additional user manual of BJS, all the info and ideas written here ARE the references that allows people to actually use BJS in so many ways.

-->  +1 for a backup of every old posts. Because if we loose that old database, be prepared to 1. answer again everything already answered, 2. forget many excellent code tricks, 3. experience a significative drop of new BJS users due to lack of relevant info

Also, while switching to a new empty forum, be prepared to tell people several times per day "this already has been answered here: url-to-old-forum-specific-post".

-->  +1 for trying our best to throw the old content somewhere in the new forum (dedicated section for instance)


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I remember at the very beginning that we had this forum, I had asked why, not having our own forum rather than having it hosted, to have total control and especially to be independent.

We should have changed a long time ago with the growing popularity of Babylon and not depend on a forum hosting that should have been temporary.


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The fact the url is on babylon.com host has to do with DNS, it does not tell if the forum belongs to Babylon. DK said in the first post that he ask people at Discourse if they can offer to host BJS forum. At my ears that sounds as kind of a dependency, but maybe I've misunderstood the first post.

Yeah we have not lost any data for now, and DK propose Rich to pay for keeping that old forum as an archive, but one day anything can happen when you are not in full control of your stuff ?

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I'm in full control with no dependency at all this time.

I wanted to use the oss offer of discourse but ultimately I picked a paid subscription because I wanted things like custom domain, etc..


Technically the forum is a docker app that I can run where I want so this should be futureproof

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