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Yeah!  A robot... reads post after post after post, gathering the html, page after page... all day sucker.  :)

We keep squirting it with WD-40 until... after 90 days of 24/7 "gleaning"... it finishes, and promptly falls to pieces from robot fatigue.  heh.

"Mister Glean, Mister Glean... sucks your databases clean... by Mennon".   errr... no, I got my brands confused.

Wingnut checks Naz's "hunter-gatherer" license and it is valid and up-to-date, with proper certifications.  hmm.

Ok, that's an option.  Throw a ton of money and hugging at Naz, and ask him to build his post-reading robot, if he (ever) has time.

We really don't need any permissions, right?  We just need to act like a user... who reads every post... one after another... for 3 months.  :D  Sort of like a "denial of service" attack engine.  :)

Thanks for the offer-idea, @NasimiAsl.  Interesting and nice-of-ya!

I say... name it... The P. I. G. G. G. ... programmable intelligent grunting gulping gatherer.  :)  Pigs "forage", and "nudge" and "root", and will eat anything. 

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19 hours ago, jerome said:

That's very kind of you.

But I think we have to think about a way to download everything. Fortunately (and because we decided early to migrate) there"s no hurry for now, we can think, study, test some ways to get the archive.

We don't have access to the DB, it's a fact. But it's not a new one, it's something that we've ever been facing to. We were depending on another community's tool and on a service that doesn't allow to get the data back. It's a long time known issue.

We can, from now, start to think how to get everything back whatever the way. No need for hurry.

No-one has ever, ever, asked me for a copy of the forum database. So this is most certainly not a 'long time known issue'.

You can have a copy of the MySQL db if you like. I just can't (and won't) include the users table, so it's useless for migrating to another host, but fine for extracting posts from.

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@NasimiAsl it would be awesome if we can get the backup from Rich and reinject the data into a new read-only category I can create in the new forum (like archive) or on some website (not sure I want them in the new forum as they will not be related to any user and not flagged as answered)

So if you can do that please do:)

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I dumped the db today and it appears Invision puts the IP address of the poster in nearly every table :( 

This isn't information I can release, so I'm going to have to tidy this all up before sending it. The db dump is over 600MB, excluding logs. Also, be aware it doesn't include file attachments. Not that you'd be able to upload them to Discourse anyway.

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if that hurt the site privacy i can get all data i need from here without data 

and just babylon users (just username )

that can possible to if @rich can make a simple link for password recreation (like babylonjs new forum password recreation ) we can touch the current user by accept them by themself

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It's fine, I just need to check all tables for an IP address column and blank them if they have them, plus erase the users table (you still have the usernames of those who made the posts in the actual posts table). Then you can do whatever you want with the actual data.

I can provide a dump of attachments too, but only once, as it's time-consuming. So let me know when you want me to do that. It will be up to you to consolidate these files with the attachment IDs in the database. I'm not sure how much space you get with Discourse, I think it's 1TB, before Deltakosh will have to start paying monthly to be hosted there.

Just to clarify - forum updates are paid for until April 2019, after which it will still work, but Invision won't be updated any longer. Without BJS or Phaser here traffic will be really small, so I can move it to a cheap VPS and keep it online indefinitely (or until some massive Invision security flaw comes out!)

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Thanks for your work, here, guys. 

Personally, I have lots of text in the old forum... perhaps more than any other user. 

My primary concern is to have that text remain searchable, forever, somehow.

AND, I'm still reading all the text/posts made by others, and depend upon those, heavily (to look smarter than I really am).  :)

Anything that can be done... thank you, thank you, thank you!  (hug)  Also, thanks to those who are spending $$$ on temporarily keeping things alive.  Very nice of ya!

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