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51 minutes ago, flatliner said:

What?! There is no holywar yet?

I doubt there will be a holy war ;) - neither are bad choices for making web games, but one is not a game engine so a direct comparison might be on shaky ground?

From my understanding:

  • Pixi is proven for putting things on screen in a mostly unopinionated way (library).  Phaser is proven for making Phasery style games in a Phasery style way (framework).
  • Pixi is first in class (not many alternatives for rendering 2D graphics fast to browser).  Phaser has stiff competition (many alternatives for HTML5 game engines).
  • Pixi will need developer expertise to make a technically good game with (graphics alone do not make a game).  Phaser will require developer competence to make a technically good game with (game loop, physics, audio, etc are bundled systems).
  • Crucially - both play well with Haxe or Typescript and both have strong documentation and adoption.

I'd remark that both are likely beyond the reach of today's gamedev beginners (i.e. nocoders).  I anticipate Phaser may lose market share, as it serves a niche between amateurs (who prefer integrated GDK) and pros (who prefer to invent).  Pixi adoption may also struggle as expectation increasingly shifts towards 3D by default.  I understand both can be bent to whatever shape necessary, but doing the bending is rarely a beginner task.

Enjoy whichever works for you, or explore many of the other alternative HTML5 game engines - including making your own.


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Better depends on what metrics are important to you.
Take a super simple game like Flappybird as it contain the most basic things like rendering, physics, looping, input etc and make it in Phaser and the PixiJS.
PS. as @b10b suggested I also think you should explore making a game without a lib as then you know what the libraries offer.

After you will have enough knowledge to asnwer the question.

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