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Found 25 results

  1. Hi everyone! I was wondering which HTML 5 game engine is better PixieJS or Phaser.io? Links: Phaser.io: https://phaser.io PixieJS: https://www.pixijs.com
  2. Hello guys, I'm here to show you my final project of my bachelor degree in Computer Engineering. The name of the project is Spectrum, and is a fully HTML5 based video game console that will run games in HTML5. The idea is the same of OUYA, but, with a different approach of systems and hardware. First, because it's a portable (ok, will be) and it's running on a Linux embedded in the Raspberry Pi platform, using Qt to handle with low level programming and the rest it's the good Tri-Force: HTML5 + JS + CSS. It's designed to run with ANY frameworks and engines released in the game market, so be
  3. Hello, I dash into the realization of one games and for it I use phaser.io 3. But I meet a problem to define tilemaps. I have at first to create my map with Tiled (v 1.0.3) and I exported it in json. But phaser indicates: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '2' of undefined Here is my code: var config = { type: Phaser.WEBGL, width: 800, height: 600, backgroundColor: '#2d2d2d', parent: 'game-container', scene: { preload: preload, create: create, update: update } }; var game = new Phaser.Game(config); function preload() {
  4. Hello phaser.io community. Here are two addresses for the same phaser.io example. One is hosted on the official site, and the other by me: https://phaser.io/examples/v2/input/game-scale http://olli.wtf/battleground3/scale.html Their javascript content should be identical, but the trouble is that I'm seeing inconsistent behavior on the example hosted by me. Steps to reproduce: 1. Open Chrome desktop browser (I'm on Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium, Chrome 64.0.3282.140 (Official Build) (64-bit)) 2. Activate Chrome's developer tools (pressing F12) 3. Toggle device toolb
  5. I've follow the example in phaser.io but my star didn't appear. Does in my codes have mystake? Can you help me find the problem? Thaanks This my Code... main.js
  6. Hi all, I am new to phaser so excuse me if this is stupid. Actually, I am working on agar.io kidda game. I am making a mini-map to hold all of the game world. But, the world inside the canvas moves along the player and shows beyond the actual game boundary. This function is called on create function. function createMiniMap(){ stage = game.make.bitmapData(game.world.width, game.world.height); thumbnail = game.add.bitmapData(200, 200); thumbContainer = game.add.sprite(game.width, game.height, thumbnail); thumbContainer.anchor.se
  7. Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) is seeking JavaScript game developers for its brand new in-house HTML5 iGaming studio in the heart of Marbella on the Costa Del Sol. If you have experience with JS frameworks such as PIXI and Phaser.io and have an interest in online games, then GiG offers an exceptional career opportunity for you. Job description and application links here: https://www.gig.com/careers/tech/front-end-game-developer/925233/ Learn more about GiG here: https://www.gig.com/
  8. I am trying to make a 'bullet' from the var weapon shoot in a certain direction, this bullet is actually a pokemon ball as I am just making a practice game. I cannot seem to make the 'bullet' go in the direction that I would like it to, I entered: weapon.body.velocity.x = -100; under the the: if (cursors.left.isDown) but this did not work, when I pressed any key the screen would just freeze. Please help me make the 'bullet' go in the direction I want. var items; var game; var player; var weapon; var cursors; var fireButton; function addItems() { items = game.add.physic
  9. How do I scale, or resize, an image in javascript with phaser's framework? I have tried a few different things but they do not seem to be working. I am using a weapon method to throw a pokeball, this is just a test using some code from phaser.io, so the other images aren't mine, I am just testing to try and get the pokeball to be thrown, but it is freaking huge right now! Please help me, I need the pokeball to be about 10x10 px because my character is 64x64. var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.CANVAS, 'phaser-example', { preload: preload, create: create, update:
  10. Hi, I am trying to make a simple game and have been running into many problems. The problem I am facing now is that I cannot fix this error in my javascript. It says that it cannot read the 'setSize' property on my 'player' sprite, but it works perfectly fine on my other sprites. Next it says that it cannot read the 'velocity' property of the 'player' sprite, but when I comment out the 'setSize' property it works. I just cannot figure out what is wrong, have I misspelled something? I cannot seem to find the problem, so any help would be appreciated. Btw, it worked yesterday, but when I lo
  11. I am looking to hire a HTML5 game developer to build Snooker and Billiards games. This is a paid assignment, we can work on a fixed fee or on hourly basis. Please mail your interest and portfolio to ram@digient.in
  12. I am developing a .io style massively multiplayer game by using phaser.io with firebase. You can try this game here: http://robobattle.net/ I also published this game on Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.robobattle.robobattle
  13. So I have a character (sprite) that whenever you press a key it'll move it along the y position and once it reaches the top, send it back down to the bottom. So I've been doing this game.input.keyboard.onDownCallback = function() { player.y -= game.height / 4 + 20 if (player.y < 0) { player.alignIn(laneRect_three, Phaser.CENTER); } }; I've been doing this. So basically, every key down move the player up and if it goes beyond the screen send it back down. So I want to ad
  14. I'm doing a round based game. So after you've killed so many enemies it'll pop up, "Round 1", after some more, "Round 2" and so on. The amount of enemies doesn't change it's just the round that increases after you've killed say 20 enemies. I have a current variable at the top of my game.js file var currRound = 1; var EnemiesKilled = 0; Every time I kill an enemy I increment up the variable then in one of the collision handlers I do if EnemiesKilled == 20 then show some text newLevel.setText("Woo!! Round " + currRound + "!"); and restart the ro
  15. Hi we are a team of enthusiastic game builders, who are looking to make a difference in the gaming world. We are now looking for a talented individual who can help us in shaping the gaming world. I'm always confused what kind of job description would best catch the interest of a fronted game developer (phaser.io). Some points which I noted are: Good to mention about the company Mention the tech stack Mention the salary And ofcourse details about the job Please have a look and let me know if this seems intriguing. About Us: Based in Berlin, the creativ
  16. Hey guys, I am fairly new to the Phaser.io game engine and so far I like it. I am making a game and have ran into some issues maybe you guys can help me or even show me some examples. Right now my goal is to make a screen box. So when an object interacts with another object a question box pops up and it has a question with buttons that represent possible answers. I am stuck on the making a box pop up with it happens. Any help is appreciated, -Fellow Dev
  17. This is my first game in Phaser.io to be published. This is a endless runner game, you can also submit your score in the leaderboard and beat other's highscore! You need to be fast as ninja because of obstacles and fast shurikens that will come to you, beware in the platforms, other platforms will get destroy. I have plans to add more in my game like Mini Games, Power Ups, Shop, etc... Play Now: Runner Of Shadows Enjoy! More Coming Soon... Also visit: http://oncollision.cf/ A Social Networking Website that I made. - CharlesCraft50
  18. Hello everybody, I'm new at coding with phaser.io. I'm trying it on this first artistic project : On my computer, the animation is not fluid, but i can't understand why... Could you help me? My code looks like this: //PHASER var game = new Phaser.Game( parseInt($('#home-content-wrapper').css('width'))*80/100, parseInt($('#home-content-wrapper').css('height')), Phaser.AUTO, 'home-content-wrapper', { preload: preload, create: create, update: update, render: render }); func
  19. I want multiple keys at once. If I use D + shift, the player will stop, how to fix it? SHIFT is to sprint the player and D is to walk the player on right side. This is my code: (game.input.keyboard.isDown(Phaser.Keyboard.A)) { if(carDriveV != 0) { car_1.body.velocity.x = -50; car_1.animations.play('c_drive'); } else if (boatDrive != 0) { boat.body.velocity.x = -50; facing = 'left'; boat.animations.play('boat_move_l'); } else { player.body.veloc
  20. I'm a computing student and part of my course, I have to build a software for my final year project and I decided to create a web browser multiplayer game. So I decided to use phaserio and wanted to buy a book to learn it. the question is should i buy Interphase? or will interphase 2 be release this month? if its gonna be out this month, then probably its better to just wait? or any opinions? i only have pretty much 2 months to build the project so time does matter. what you guys think? suggestions?
  21. I want to create a dynamic interfaces for items in an inventory. I need the items to be button to view that item. And want that button to calla function with the item id as an argument. inventory[index].button = game.add.button(inventory[index].x - (1030/2), inventory[index].y, 'equipmentButton', this.EquipItem, this); ... EquipItem: function(index) { };
  22. Hello All, This is my latest game called "Mind the Gap". The player needs to throw the disk and reach the end of the game area while avoiding the moving blocks. Here are some screens: And the live game: http://netgfx.com/trunk/games/mindthegap/ I hope you like it. Let me know what you think!
  23. Hi guys, Im creating this game using phaser.io. Can someone show me how to make objects inside a group collide with each other. Right now when i do, //board is the group and it has many elements //Floor is where all the elements fall to game.physics.arcade.collide(this.board, this.floor); All the elements inside the group stack on top of each other when they hit the floor at the same position. In other words the stack builds at one position, the latest one hiding the previous element and not upwards in the sense one on top of another at a higher position. How can i make
  24. Can someone please explain to me like I'm 5 years old how to make phaser.io run with cloud9? I've already cloned the github repos. into cloud9, but I'm not sure how I can host a server through that? I'm a google chrombook so I'm not able to download any type of .exe that would allow me to locally host a server.
  25. I have this chainedTween working fine: followPlayer: function() { //var path is recalculated ... var chainedTween = game.add.tween(this.enemy); for (var i = 1; i < path.length; i++) { chainedTween.to({ x: path[0] * this.tileSize, y: path[1] * this.tileSize }, 400 + Math.random() * 200); } chainedTween.start(); } Basically its an enemy following the player. Now I need to "refresh" the tween everytime the player moves. Since the player moves using key
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