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Welcome to the Pixi.js forum

Mat Groves

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Hi everyone and welcome to the PIXI.js forum!


First off, big thanks to @photonstorm for providing a place for people to talk Pixi, very kind of you sir!


If you dont know what pixi.js is then let me give ya the low down: Pixi.js a fast, lightweight, open source 2D library that works across all devices. The Pixi renderer allows everyone to enjoy the power of hardware acceleration without prior knowledge of webGL. It's the fastest HTML5 renderer in town! 


The idea behind pixi.js is that it can be used as the rendering component in your game engine (or any other type of project!) rather than as a game engine itself.


Questions / bug reports / amazing feature ideas, or anything at all Pixi, then this is the place to discuss it!


I will also be posting updates here as the engine grows and evolves.


Pixi.js can be found here along with lots of examples: https://github.com/GoodBoyDigital/pixi.js


To find out more about Pixi and read our beginners tutorial, check out our blog over on Goodboy

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Hi any chance to see code for "Fight for everyone"? You have some cool stuff there  (device position detection, music/sounds). It would be great to see how you did that or at least short tutorial how to do it. 





Thats a pretty neat idea :) We are working on little game that we can share with everyone so that they can see how pixi.js is intended to be used for game development.


Although we fully intend pixi.js to be used to make wonderful schweet HTML5 games, its not really a game engine - its more of rendering engine. It focuses on putting stuff on the screen fast :) The idea is that you can use it as part of your game engine or even build a game engine on top of it. For example pixi.js could be (and may well be at some point!) used as the renderer for phaser rather than an alternative to it.


Its a bit like the 2D version of three.js. Three.js is not a game engine but could be used to make games.


The cool thing about this is that we can focus solely on making pixi.js the fastest render in town so that people can focus on making there game engines awesome :)

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Hi Fla5h,


Pixi.js does not have any collision detection built in as its main focus is rendering.. Although it would work perfectly with any of the cool physics engines out there such as box2D.


Hi, I'm planning to override the rendering engine of crafty.js with the pixi's one, I'll let you know when (and "IF" eheh) it's ready for testing.

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Hello all,


Pixi.js seems very interesting, we have a web site (e-learning for kids) in Flash (http://patschool.com) that we need to translate in HTML 5.

If you want to have an idea of the site, click on the button VIDEO and wait a little (it is in French sorry :-) )


Do you think that pixi.js is the good choice for this site ?


Thanks a lot for your answer.

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@Pat : sure you'll be able to convert your website to HTML5, use Spine for skeletal animations (witch is supported by Pixi) .
most of other things can be handeled with Pixi interactive sprites.

beware, if you want to target mobile devices you should rethink the way the sounds are player since there is many limitation in audio play on mobile device.


(joli site au passage ;) )

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hi, im very new to html5 & webgl, i want to read more tutorials before i get into it...

the following links are all the pixi.js tutorials i could found:

1) http://www.goodboydigital.com/pixi-js-tutorial-getting-started/

2) http://flippinawesome.org/2013/11/04/building-a-parallax-scrolling-game-with-pixi-js/

3) http://peepsquest.com/tutorials/pixi-basics.html

4) http://www.checkme.tw/wordpress/js-foctory/ (Chinese)

5) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pixi.js&sm=3 (YOUTUBE videos)

i am really looking forward to read of them. 

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Hello, I am seeking for some 2D rendering library to empower my project. I struggle with FPS even after many and many optimization. I am using 4 layers to rerender only what I need, I am using offscreen buffers but still .. it has too low DPS on some devices.


I would like to know whether it could run faster with Pixi .. even if it takes several weeks for me to implement it (i think). Is here someone who can give me some advice ? Maybe it is running as fast as possible on javascript but I dont believe that.


Link to my project is www.darkenlight.net:8082/primeWeb - it is using Tomcat server and websockets.


You may login via click on LOGIN AS label on top right side of screen.


Thanx for whatever advice you could give me :)

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hi everybody

I need some help for drawing thousands of point. I need something for improve performance I had draw them with circule but it takes long time , Three js have THREE.Points which is better than circule performancely.

can anybody help me?

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