Using Phaser with Haxe

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Although I haven't had a chance to update this project in a bit, it should still be usable. Last I updated it was to 2.4.6 and the current Phaser is 2.7.7. You can likely just use the newest version of Phaser as long as the API hasn't changed too much. Pull requests are also always welcome. :)

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I can't make it to work.

i have haxe 3.x + dox,
i built js2hx, ok and i use it with neko on empty dir : it works, nothing is produced of course
then i try with one js file in a dir or the full phaser 2.4.6 dir and the tool stalls at 'parsing AST'

could you give a full working step by step so i figure where i failed?

Thank you.

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You do not need to build the externs to use them. You can just run this command to download the latest externs off haxelib:

haxelib install phaser

Then include it in your build:

haxe -lib phaser ...

You can then include the latest Phaser version in your .html file and you should be good to go.

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Antriel - This is great! The typing looks a lot better than what came out of my js2hx project. Are you interested in maintaining the Haxe Phaser library? I haven't had time to do it as of late. If you're game I'll add you as a contributor and we can switch over to your generator as I expect it will produce more maintainable results in the long-term.

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