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LUDUMDARE 29 - Official Thread #LD48


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I have been reading in Ludumdare.com that lots of people are going to be using Phaser as a framework to develope games for this GameJam, so I think that It will be a good idea to have a thread to post progress in your games during this upcoming jam. 


After finishing I invite you to post your game here, and let's see what all of you can do with Phaser!


If you want to take part it's April 25th - 28th and details are here: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/




My game is finished! | Ludumdare 29 - Wriggle Worm by @gikdew



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I would like to participate, but I do not quite understand the concept of this challenge. I read about the Lundumdare challenges online. There is a theme, and challengers make a game based on that theme. As of now I don't see a theme, which means that on April 25th, the theme will be announced? Am i correct, if so I'll be waiting. :)

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The theme is giving friday at start time. You can participate in two categories compo or jam. The rules are more strict in compo (solo project, submit source code and 48h) and the jam is on 72h period. After the submission day, people that had submit game can vote for others games. You can read the rules on the site for more details. You have virtual medals in each categories (graphics, themes, sound, humour, ... ), no money prizes.

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I really like the foreground algae effect and how the missiles really feel underwater. nice!

Thank you.


Your bloodstream looks cool too - you have a way more professional graphics style.

Mine look like someone with no talent drew them on paper and then colored them in on the pc. (which is exactly what happend.)

Thank good for none-do-it-yourself-stuff there are talented artists that share their assets.


I'm also done for today.


Have a good night!


Post with feature (and missing feature) list:



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I'm done .. now going to be relaxing on the sofa.


I am ok with what I created.

There is no deep gameplay, but I think it's fun to play for a few minutes.


I'm looking forward to see the other entries and to vote on them.


It was my first time taking part in ludum dare or any such thing.

It's a nice motivation to follow through with a game from start to finish.


Last blog entry for ludum dare # 29 


Now off to relax on the couch :)

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sorry to say, that for me your game crashed after about 3 seconds with:


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'destroy' of undefined: play_state.js:68


Oh no! I test it on Firefox and Chrome :-/ What browser do you use?

Thank you for the feedback!


Edit: Fixed! Thank you very much!

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