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So who's buying a PS4 then? :)


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Game consoles are so yesterday  :P  - well ... maybe not know ;-)


Hmmm ... not sure - I missed the announcement tbh. After owning a PS1 I switched to M$ Xbox and so far I do not regret it. Maybe I stick with M$ with the next console generation.

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Wii U will soon accept HTML5 games, according to Nintendo. But I don't think it's really interesting, regarding to the public (they often only buy Nintendo AAA titles) and the Wii U sales.

For the PS4, I don't think I'll buy it for its release, I almost stopped playing video games since I did game design studies (ironic, I know) because it's very time consuming. Maybe few years after the release, why not.

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I expect PS4 to be as inviting to indies as every other PS console has been to date: not very.


The fact that XboxOne does not allow self-publishing already made MS look bad to a lot of developers, pushing devs to go to PS4 which seems to embrace them.


Update: Today, I just read that XboxOne is coming in clear and says it will support indie, most probably because of devs' disappointments. It still does not allow self publishing though.


When I started dev, I also have not played much games, but I find Indie games to be fun (they tend to be "more different")

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hi everyone,


so after im sure to not get an XboxOne, i will watch how the PS4 will develope in the first six months and then maybe decide to buy one. also if the WiiU get some games i really want i might buy one too.

for example Mario-series, Rune Factory, Harvest Moon and some RPGs are on my list so it will be a race between PS4 and WiiU to get my attention


the most interesting beside the mainstream consoles, are the Ouya and the android-stick consoles, cause they might provide a minor goldrush for the early developers :)

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