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Buying html5 dress-up games - checklists/budget


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I own a flash dress-up games website and am interested in starting offering html5 games.


Reading this forum has been very helpful but I'm still feeling a bit like a fish out of water  ;)


Can anyone give me some pointer as what I can expect to pay for a html5 dress-up game?


And what to think about when I contact potential developers, are there any essentials to keep in mind? For example, I would want the game to work on android, iOS, windows etc.



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As with everything else, it depends.

Dress up games are dead simple, there is not much work on the coding side. Most frameworks like PIXI make it pretty easy to get a dress up game done in just 1-2 hours.

It's the artwork you have to pay for and I would suggest to go with the same price as for a flash dress up game.

If you provide the artwork, then the price should be fairly low.

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Sebastian, its large generalization.


I have done few dress ups and I can say they are annoying coding wise if you want something unique.

Aligning all clothes, issues with performance - its really pain.

Once you figure out template its easier but pretty costly for designs.


But again - if you want some low quality click driving dress up then you can make one code wise within 1 day. But if you want something really good, it will take longer.


I have heard from some sources that Exclusive license for them cost from $1K to $2K up to much more for unique and quality project.

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You are right, it really depends on the games content. But the usual dress up game has just a bunch of sprites with a drag handler, a model with a drop handler and maybe 2 or 3 buttons. The time consuming part is making the graphics.

I'm sure there are more complex dress up games with a lot fancy features that will take more time coding wise.

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I'm not into unique "bells and whistles" coding-wise for my games, it really is about the graphics for me, the characters, the clothes, the extras and add-ons (backgrounds and items for the doll to hold to give her more personality).


It makes sense to me that the developer would have extra cost for the first game, but then could re-use the same format for other games. Of course, there is always aligning graphics etc.


Two or three buttons would be a very simple game, I would be interested in something more complex. The last two flash games I had developed using buttons had thirteen and ten buttons, respectively. The one with ten buttons has options for hair, facial expression, top, bottom, dress (top and bottom), jewelry, socks/tights, shoes, stuff to hold in her hand and background.

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Hi Inga,

that "2-3 buttons" was just to slightly talk down the coding part of those games. The number of buttons or elements doesn't really matter, imo.

There is not much game logic involved in those games, no levels, no heavy animations, etc. It really comes down to the basics (drag/drop/click)

Basically on the coding part, you just have some spritesheets for the clothing and their offsets for the model.

As you and True Valhalla said, those games are more about art than anything else and the price should therefor be based on that. That's why I said you should go along with the usual flash dress up game prices.

If you can show us a flash game that meets your expectations, it would be much easier to give you some accurate numbers.

I'm not too deep into dress up games, but I went to http://www.dressupgames.com/ and checked out their flash games and I have yet to find a game that takes more than a few hours on the coding part.

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IMHO, this type of game while being relatively easy to make regarding code, (depends of the method/organization you plan to use to deal with it), those are among the most expensives.


If you want something professional, it's a lot of graphics and researches as you can imagine, because everything is in the graphics, and it's not just bout dumping anything on everything, it has to be compatible all the time and it has to have a large choice of elements ...




That said, any grood designer/artist is not the key of success.

The key is an artist/designer specialized in the style of graphics you love.

For instance some are pretty good at making dragons, war machines, stuffs like that.

Making girls' wardrobe ... Might not be their "stomping ground".

Of course they can do it... But... But... That's not what they do best...


You need to find an artist/designer specialized in those "girly" things, and there are.



I suggest you to look on deviantart.com


For instance, via google image:




Then, once you find the style/the person you want in charge of the graphics, what's required is to find the programmer willing to work on such project, but that will be easier.


Bottom line, you might need to pay 2 persons, at least.

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Dressupgames.com is my site by the way, so you were on the right track Sebastian ;)


I've bought a lot of flash dress-up games and have contacts for those but sadly none of them have moved into html5 yet - but at least one is interested, so that should be interesting.


You are absolutely right JUL and I agree with you that the artist needs to be interested in the subject for the best results. It usually takes two people to make a game, but there a few artists who have learned to code and they make some of the best dress-up games there are.

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Well, I could do one, I code since 10 years, I started with AS2, went to AS3, went to HTML5/Phaser this year, because tired of adobe's treason and firefox sabotage of the flash player, not to mention the license fee and the compiler hassle.

I also studied java and data bases with night schooling.


yeah, I'm one of those no life guys living in his mom's basement.


That's the kind of stuffs I make, graphically speaking:



It's not finished btw.

(I know, one finger is missing lol)



But I won't do it for free, definitely, because I know how much it means, it's a full time job for a long period, and I can't offer that for free or small money right now.

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I made a post a few months back with reference to building a catalog of HTML5, we have had a great responce and are making some good revenues for some our developers.


See the original post here.




We now have a real need for some "girly" games targeeted and teenage girls.


If you have such games available or could develop these games on a revenue share basis please get in touch with me so we can discuss this further.


There is a revenue share of 50% for all games we approve.

Some games which are featured may get additional bounus fees / additional payments.


The criteria for the game(s) is simple:

  • Good quality
  • True cross platform i.e mobile / desktop.
  • Free to play / no in game purchase etc. (if you have a game with in game purchase still get in touch we may have a different route for you).


We are a little different fron other publishers. Melodi Media has been a mobile content agregator for nearly 15 years. We started out doing ringtones back in the day. Since then we have expenaded to cover all kinds of mobile content audio, images, video, games and apps. Up to this point the apps have pretty much been native.


However our clients are demanding access to good quality HTML5 content.


If you would like to chat to understand more, please get in touch and we can arrange to speak.


I look forwards to hearing from you.


Joe (Manageing Director)

[email protected]


Jason (Content Licencing) 

[email protected]




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Hey Inga,


are you still looking for female dress up games? I have one at the moment, but I was contacted recently to create some more personalized html5 dress up games for a sponsor. All of them will be compatible for mobile phone browsers and desktop devices. I can license the games when there completed if your interested, but the newer ones will take around 1-2 weeks to be complete (or maybe 3 weeks, depends on the artist). Will you still be looking later this month?


Also, are you looking for exclusives or non-exclusives? If your confused on what they mean, I can explain the difference between these two licenses in a private message.


If you have an FGL account you can follow me on FGL as well, I think it sends an update message to anyone following if a developer releases a new game. You can then decide if you want to license the game or not.  Just send me a private message through this site if your interested, we can a discuss the budget.


Are you asking me?


I'm not looking to share revenue, no. But I do publish flash games with ads so I don't see why that would be any different with html5 games. I get good content, you get revenue.

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