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I have made a game using phaser 1.2 beta (and then not using the new physics engine ;) )


http://jppresents.net/games/fallingBlocks/ if anyone wants to play some tetris.


url is final, the game might not be. I have some ideas.. (sound, animation, multiplayer.. )


edit: it now has sound effects and a tiled-background image, fun factor increased by 0.5 ;)


edit2: it now has animations for gameover and for clearing lines

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My game project, Ancient Beast, has been migrated from custom DOM engine to Phaser recently.












In progress



version 1.1.3 for now (we'll update to latest in January)


The play link has been changed, please update ^^



There's also http://AncientBeast.com/combat/ - which is less likely to change for now, but that doesn't brink people to the website itself, just the game.

Would have updated myself if there was a way, sorry for the trouble.

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