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What lacks in HTML5 games in terms of revenue

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I am new to html5 games.

I wanna know what LACKS in HTML5 games in terms of revenue ?

Can you monetize html5 games with banners and interestitial ads as ANDROID GAMES DOES ?

Is there a possibility of implementing IAP or rewarded videos like ANDROID ?

Do u thing that using webview that host an HTML5 game in ANDROID and use all these forms of ads above is a good idea ?


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There are quite a few HTML based games already on iOS/Android/etc stores, they monetise (or attempt to) exactly as you suggest. All are valid ways to earn a crust.

I don't know what services exist to save you coding, but, all of these things can be coded in to a web-based game.

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Hi Reda,

Develop HTML5 game from 2015 until now is very prospects, especially this year (2018).

As your scope above (ads, embed game into webview) I believed that you may want to try develop game based on phaser 3 framework and scripting with ES5 to sure 100% browser supported (even webview).

For now phaser 3 core just have very impression size (about 200Kbs) when you publish game on Production. 

You can refer those  HTML5 game to see the look and feel when your game integrated Ads network.

You may facing too many ad-hoc issues when you start develop game by yourself. However, if you have the passion I wish you can get over them.



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