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  2. @AlienBurn recommend suggest you try both and see which one suits you. For me Panda -Easy to learn, I have three games made with panda. -Very small community. -Panda Editor is not free but it can make you code your game faster(web/mobile). -Growth So Slow, Engine has not updated for a long time, I worried that it like impact.js. Phaser -Much tutorial and Demo Example (but it left me quite confused after looking at multiple tutorials and even trying a few test projects.) -if you want to export to mobile and Code obfuscation, You need to learn cordova/phonegap , Webpack etc….. -Very large community. -Keep updated each month, fast-growing. Finally, Both of them are an awesome HTML5 engine.😁
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  4. you should switch from just "keydown" to setting FLAG to true on keydown and setting it to false when its up. In update, if flag is true - move the tank. When I press "W" tank moves a bit, then autorepeat starts, like in old NES tetris. Im not a hyper-tapper
  5. It is not polite question.
  6. By the way I solved the problem by using Phaser 2 and p2 physics. Now it works great !
  7. Hi everyone, I just create a simple show case for PIXI.JS. A top-down Tank game with: 1. Physic engine integration with matter-js. 2. ViewPort for 2D camara. 3. Custom Tile map and grid system. 4. Dynamic generate new area . 5. Keyboard Control. 6. GUI Interface. Example: Source Code:
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  10. What????? else it can solve the problem?????????????? Waooooooo!!! Very Good Answer!!!!!! Thanks !!!You are really really smart!!
  11. Are you Phaser and Panda user??? Which one is better?
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  13. I will publish on two Playgrounds: Plunker and CodeSandbox. If one is dead another will be available. 3. Sprite From Image: Plunker, CodeSandbox
  14. Encode all animation frames into a single texture to reduce CPU and GPU communication and increase frame rate. BTW, this video was made on a low-end GPU while video recording was running simultaneously.
  15. Bumping because I updated this. Mainly, a new live demo can be found here: Added toggles for bullet physics, interpolation, and the timestep tweaking. Also, added triangle shapes so you can see how to roll custom shapes for Box2d. Has more aggressive culling for timestep panic as well. Future updates may include custom shape file loading from PhysicsEditor, I wrote a custom json exporter for it that works nicely with planck (well any box2d really) and PIXI. Just depends how far along I keep pushing my personal projects.
  16. This is the first example from the book "Discover Phaser" in TypeScript and Phaser 3: Playground
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  18. Hi. My name is Ivan. I am 32. I am not newbie but I do not have a big experience. Read books and tutorial, look for and watch video courses, make simple games, have more practice, learn hard, have fun, keep calm. Your are welcome!
  19. I study these frameworks/engines. In edition: Three.js and Pixi.js. You need to write your own little engine to understand how it works, how to write shaders, how to use mathematics and so on
  20. Your own: Build your own 2D Game Engine and Create Great Web Games Using HTML5, JavaScript, and WebGL Authors: Sung, K., Pavleas, J., Arnez, F., Pace, J.
  21. As you can see I have low-traffic examples. I found this information: It is enough for me now. But what do you think about keeping images on GitHub? I can get a direct link like this: And it works on Plunker:
  22. Dropbox has traffic/requests limit. Also you can just specify "import * as PIXI from 'pixi.js" in every file, you dont need plugins, right?
  23. Good. But I do not use Webpack, Gulp, Grunt and so on. I use AMD-compilation and Require.js for debug mode in VSCode. And Browserify for Release mode. I can just copy my files on Plunker without modifications. I do not have enough time for modifications and I do not have time to study new Playground. Plunker is ideal for me. I do not this this because it is complicated for beginners: (window as any).PIXI = PIXI; export let app = ( = new Application()); And it is complicated for me too. I make this examples for beginners. As you said CodeSandbox is limited to upload images. It is not difference where I will keep files for Plunker and CodeSandbox. I will keep them on DropBox.
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