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  2. When I read this I thought you were talking about Santa Claus (here in Brazil we call him Papai Noel) 😂 After I read all other posts I realized you were talking about a real person. I hope he can help you! Good luck.
  3. I’m working on an old computer of mine and I’m having a hard time getting the program to run json files for some reason, but because of that I can’t try to test it with the dev tools until I can use my other computer again, I can get a zip of the project though
  4. @ivan.popelyshev Awesome - yes, that makes significant improvement. Have a few curved paths that become a little grainy with that scale mode, but that's minor. As always, really appreciate your help and insight! Thanks!
  5. ivan.popelyshev

    Pixi - Vue

    Lets see... > Currently it is more a proof of concept that an actual library but it will get there eventually I looked up pixi-related code there and i dont see anything that can be wrong with latest 5.2.0 Why exactly do you need some kind of library to use pixi with vuejs? Do you need help just setting up pixi app inside, or do you need to specify pixi components and filters with vue components?
  6. Jenson

    Pixi - Vue

    Hi everyone, I wanna use vue-pixi package on my vuejs project, But this package doesnt work properly. Which version of vuejs do I have to use for this package? The package is installed but the Import command doesnt work. vue-pixi is not recognized. Thanks😉
  7. I think that if you asked this question that means you are not familiar with how people help each other in js world. Another obvious thing that you can do - just zip the demo or put it to codepen / jsfiddle / codesandbox / wherever you feel comfortable, I can look. I dont usually remember that not everyone actually knows common ways of helping
  8. It should work , please provide more information, telepathy doesn't work in this case
  9. texture.baseTexture.scaleMode = PIXI.SCALE_MODES.NEAREST doesn't help?
  10. Thought I've seen this topic before, maybe regarding alpha blending, but I'm failing to find an answer. My transparent PNG has fuzzy / blurry edges when zoomed using the pixi-viewport package. Original PNG: Pixi.js viewport when zoomed: The original source image does have a pixel bleed, but I'm wondering if there's any way to sharpen this up. This is a schematic viewer, where the user can zoom in to view details. Background image is fairly large, which might be a contributing factor.
  11. Hi, i have a problem with pixijs about images i've created a normal app const app = new PIXI.Application({ width: 1920, height: 1080, antialias: true, resolution: 1, transparent: false }); i'm loading spritesheet and every image is : "sourceSize": {"w":209,"h":195} after that with a simple for i start to show symbols for (let j = 0; j < 5; j++) { const symbol = new PIXI.Sprite(slotTextures[Math.floor(Math.random() * slotTextures.length)]); symbol.anchor.set(0,0); console.log(symbol.width); console.log(symbol.height); reel.symbols.push(symbol); rc.addChild(symbol); } reels.push(reel); but every symbols change size to 298.5714285714286 296 278.5714285714286 How is possible? How can i take the right dimension? Thanks Riccardo
  12. Once again, even 4.8.8 should work. Yes, sometimes I remember all the possible bugs people can do while doing X, but in this case I don't know. Pixi is not a black box, and its possible to debug it with devtools.
  13. It's allowing me to use .spritesheet without the animations error, but its still giving me the cannot find load of undefined. Not sure what to try now, maybe v5 or something like that?
  14. Just in case, here is VideoResource source: and here's the test function that detects if VideoResource should be spawned: You can debug it.
  15. Author of texture packer started the PR 10 Jul 2018: It was added 3 Sep 2018 in 4.8.2, I recommend to upgrade to latest v4.
  16. hi, it should work, but if you can't get suggestion from intellisense !, you can try force the @type. const texture = PIXI.Texture.from('data2/Video/intro/vidA1.webm'); const videoSprite = new PIXI.Sprite( texture ); /**@type {HTMLVideoElement}*/ const videoControler = videoSprite.texture.baseTexture.source; Here the full api
  17. 4.5.5, I used the PIXI.min.js file if that affects anything
  18. I am using PIXI version 5. In my project, I need to play a video when user hits on preview. I could able to stop auto play but I could not able to start the video on clicking on preview. I have used below line to off auto play texture.baseTexture.resource.autoPlay = false; Here is my code this.appRenderer = new Application({ width: width, height: height, }); this.videoTexture = PIXI.Texture.from(video); this.videoSprite = new PIXI.Sprite(this.videoTexture); this.addChild(this.videoSprite); there is no play function in texture.baseTexture.resource.source.
  19. It looks fine, the version with `sheet` should work. Which version of pixijs do you use?
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  21. So I wanted a loading animation in the starting phases of my game, like you do, but I am pretty new to pixi so I tried to follow some tutorials to create an animated sprite from a sprite sheet using the built in code in Pixi to extract an animation from a texture packer file, but no matter what I do, i get this message ( load is the animation id) Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'load' of undefined at e.loadProgressHandler (index.html:49) at e.o.emit (pixi.min.js:8) at pixi.min.js:19 at t.value (pixi.min.js:10) at pixi.min.js:9 at s (pixi.min.js:9) at e.<anonymous> (pixi.min.js:19) at pixi.min.js:9 at pixi.min.js:9 usually there are 2 or 4 of these messages in the console, i saw another page said the issue was because pixi couldn't recognize the json file type because there was no extension, but mine has that, many examples had let sheet = PIXI.loader.resources["Images/Loading/loadanim.json"].spritesheet; while I have let sheet = PIXI.loader.resources["Images/Loading/loadanim.json"]; but with the .spritesheet added it makes things worse, saying this Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'animations' of undefined at e.loadProgressHandler (index.html:49) at e.o.emit (pixi.min.js:8) at pixi.min.js:19 at t.value (pixi.min.js:10) at pixi.min.js:9 at s (pixi.min.js:9) at e.<anonymous> (pixi.min.js:19) at pixi.min.js:9 at pixi.min.js:9 I've looked at a ton of differen't tutorials and pages concerning glitches like mine, but none of them have told me anything of use, while my code seems to follow the structure of all the other pages, it still rejects my animation file, it could be because of the html, or the pixi file, but as I said I am completely new to this and I have no idea what could be wrong. index.html loadanim.json
  22. Oh ok I see. Thanks so much, I'll try using just a shader.
  23. Yes I'm pretty sure that im upscaling. But I am rather new to Pixi so I might be misunderstanding why this is not working as I had expected. Ok so a texture filtering problem, I will have to research that then. Well I created a small demo here: I've included one of the textures. On one side untouched and raw 32x32, while on the other side upscaled by a factor of 2. If you zoom in you can clearly see that the edges on the unscaled version are much "smoother" looking than on the upscaled version. I wish to achieve the same kind of "smooth" feel on the upscaled version, if it's even possible, what do you think?
  24. > and I see a texture buffer that's double the size of my texture (128x128) Its temporary pow2 texture. Filters are supposed to be heavy solution that works on whole containers , not depending on whatever is inside. Blur, Glow, Outline, anything is possible. Are you sure you need them and not ?
  25. Good effort without looking Ivan! It's texture.baseTexture.resource.source
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