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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys! I need to have my site working in Safari 9 and IE11 but I've noticed that there is ES6 code in the pixi.js bundle. Has anybody else encountered this? Looks like it's coming from the mini-signals dependency. I have tried adding pixi.js and mini-signals to my include config for babel-loader but it's still not being transpiled. Any ideas of a solution?
  2. Has anyone successfully loaded an SVG file on IE11? Even the Phaser 3 SVG example crashes on IE11.
  3. Hello everyone, First, this is my first message on this forum so I would like to say Hi to everybody and to thank you for the amazing answers I already found on it. I'm playing with PIXI v4 for a while now (some drawing + drag'n'drop tool) and find myself in trouble when I test my code on IE (not a big suprise I know...). Could someone tell me exactly what are the limitations of the PIXI Loader (the one extended from https://github.com/englercj/resource-loader) concerning IE11 ? because it doesn't seem to load resource as I'm getting empty textures on my canvas when I try to use a loaded resource. And if there are some big ilimitations, what you guys are doing as a workaround to support IE ? PS : I'm coding within an Angular (5) project, and can't find a way to debug Pixi's code on the console, hence my question on the forum Thank you in advance,, Guigzz
  4. I'm experiencing a strange issue with IE11 webgl video where it only renders a black square, I still get audio just no video. What is odd is that webgl video works great in ie10 and ms edge just not in ie11. I'm getting this error on ie11 but I'm not sure if this is related. WEBGL11072: INVALID_VALUE: textImage2D: This texture source is not supported GLTexture.js(98,1) Any ideas?
  5. Hi, I am trying to use the GUISlider element (from CastorGUI) in my Babylon game. It works well in Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. In IE11 however, the callback function is never called. In the source code of the slider (GUISlider.js), I see that the "oninput" event of the range control is monitored. According to this reference (http://www.impressivewebs.com/onchange-vs-oninput-for-range-sliders/), there is an issue with that event for the range element in IE; it is also observed that the onchange event is triggered in IE like oninput is triggered in other browsers. So, for the moment, I use this kind of code as a workaround: var sliderControl1 = new CASTORGUI.GUISlider('sliderControl1', { x: 100, y: 100, w: 240, h: 24, min: 0, max: 100, step: 1, value: 50 }, guisystem, function () { console.log('value: ' + this.value); }); var slider1 = document.getElementById('sliderControl1'); slider1.onchange = slider1.oninput; When moving the slider thumb and releasing it, the very last change of value is triggered twice in non-IE browsers but that may not be a big problem (it is not for me), especially since the oninput event itself can be triggered several times for the same value, even without my workaround code. Is it possible to make the correction to the CastorGUI library? Or to make another correction that would allow the control to work in IE? Thanks!
  6. Hey I'm having some issues with pointer events on windows phone 8.1 with internet explorer 11, and I'm looking for a workaround . After touching the screen and not moving your pointer/finger, you get after about 1 second a pointerup and pointerout Event, although the pointer/finger is still down - touching the screen. When you are moving your pointer immediately after touching the screen everything works fine, no pointer up gets triggered until your pointer is really not touching the screen anymore. The issue is new on wp8.1, wp8 works like expected. to reproduce it, i made a simple example http://jsfiddle.net/d7Lanb5u/ I already filed a bug report https://connect.microsoft.com/IE/Feedback/Details/1085010 & tried to connect with microsoft via twitter but no response so far thx for your help kind regards raphael
  7. Hi everyone, I´ve been having issues with making the mute function working on IE11. I have the game broken on multiple .js files and I make a simple check to see if the mute button was activated by the player at the start of each .js. But seems like it's working everywhere except in IE. Looks like IE is ignoring the soundmanager and loading the sound files with the default volume of 1, that I specify when I play the sound. I tried to use the volume property of the soundmanager and removing the optional volume property for each individual sound but still I'm getting problems when moving from mainmenu.js to the maingame.js and vice-versa, with IE playing and not playing sound in a different manner than specified by the mutebuttoncheck. I've tried Phaser 2.1.3 and 2.2.1 (this one is giving me problems with the timer.stop() function and won't be able to use until I pinpoint why is giving me that trouble). I know that IE still doesn't support webaudio so I don't know if that's the issue here. I´m using separate audio files for each audio. Is there any special precaution needed in order to work with audio in IE? Here is the test link I'm using (the game is in portuguese, so if you want to test, just mute the audio and press the first button): http://www.wiz.pt/jogosgalp/powerrefinery/index.html And the condition for the mute audio: if (mutebuttoncheck == true){ mutebutton.frame = 3; _this.sound.mute = true;}else if (mutebuttoncheck == false){ mutebutton.frame = 2; _this.sound.mute = false;}Best Regards
  8. I stumbled upon an awkward issue with my game this morning. I wanted to see how my game performed on multiple browsers and I found that IE11 placed an awkward "Brightened" effect to my game. There is a screenshot below and the game link is here. I found no errors in the JavaScript console. How could this be happening?
  9. "I am a real fan of 3D development. Since I was 16, I spent all my spare time creating 3d engines with various technologies (DirectX, OpenGL, Silverlight 5, pure software, etc.). My happiness was complete when I discovered that Internet Explorer 11 has native support for WebGL. So I decided to write once again a new 3D engine but this time using WebGL and my beloved JavaScript." http://blogs.msdn.com/b/eternalcoding/archive/2013/06/27/babylon-js-a-complete-javascript-framework-for-building-3d-games-with-html-5-and-webgl.aspx
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