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Found 5 results

  1. I am getting close to starting a social media promotion to "Release" my new game portal GuiGhost Games. My target is to go after the "Family Friendly" niche, and therefore sticks to games in that theme. All the games on my portal share the same bonus currency "StarCash" that can be earned and spent across the games. I have the Facebook integration currently turned off as the apps are still listed in Dev mode, so those items will not work, but thought I might get some outside opinions on the game play from this community first. Full Disclosure: These games are the product of me following tutorials that I extended, using open source examples that I skinned/tweaked to fit my style. The last year has been spent learning the ins and outs, following tutorials, as well as exploring the many frameworks available. All my games are targeted to be mobile friendly, and attempt to resize and look good on all devices. Some are just skins of open source code, and others started with a tutorial of the basic mechanics and grew into a full game play experience, such as GuiGhost Farms and Gui Bubble Story Here are a couple of screenshots from the games I spent the most time on. Shout out to http://rembound.com/articles, and http://www.emanueleferonato.com for the great tutorials on getting started in HTML5 game development, and to all the great artists on https://opengameart.org/ for the open source assets used in these games. Some of these games are still a little rough around the edges, but I would appreciate any feedback before I start pushing this out on social channels.
  2. Hi, im newbie in Phaser developement and I'm trying to create "speech bubble with text"... It should looks like this: I dont know how to create rectangle below text which will cover all text area. In documentation there are only text color and no option to set background of text. Any suggestions? (or example code? ) :-)
  3. Hello, guys! Just finished making my first html5 game. It's endless bubble shooter game, designed special for smartphones. Enjoy! Link to play
  4. Terra Slicer Slice the screen... carefully. PLAY A little toy/arcade game I've put together to test the waters of selling HTML5 licenses. Focusing on a high quality experience, reliable stability and natural controls across every possible browser/platform. Built using CreateJS and CoffeeScript. HTML5 cross-browser/platform arcade game with elegant preloading, resolution independence, intuitive and satisfyingly smooth touch controls. 134KB Javascript, 710KB total transfer. Should work at a minimum on desktop browsers (Safari 7+, Firefox 30+, IE 9+, Chrome 35+) and touch screens (iOS/Android - mobile safari, android browser, android chrome)... let me know if anything breaks for you. Screenshots PLAY
  5. Screenshots: Play it Here Please play it on a mobile device , and tell me which device it was , Whether it runs well and if the loading bar displays correctly. Feedback is really appreciated , even harsh criticism. Please test this game on your devices , and tell me which you've tested on. 4th generation iPod [•] 3rd generation iPhone [ ] 5th generation iPhone/iPod [ ] 1st generation iPad [•] Android phone [•] Android tablet [ ] Windows phone [ ] Thanks a lot for passing by!
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