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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm Al, an experienced web and game developer which includes Phaser and Unity. I have worked with very large brands, including Justin Bieber, creating games for the web (desktop/mobile) for marketing purposes. I am currently looking for any paying business opportunities. While I will try to accommodate a variety of budgets, I feel like I can offer most value to established brands and businesses. I am based in the UK, but can adjust my work hours as necessary. The best way to reach me is to email You can view my company website here: Games that I have worked on in the past include:
  2. Is it possible to get payed for my games even though my company isn't registered yet. See, I'm currently a foreigner in the country I'm currently living in and so I can't open a business (sole proprietorship). So if anyone has any advice or experience with getting payed without actually having a business name, I would like to here your opinion.
  3. Hello friends. I've a security question. I've done two mini-games for my company. I really enjoyed the chance of using Phaser in my work and not for fun, as I usally do. My boss liked it too, so good news. But he is concern because everybody are able to see the code with the elements inspector. My question is if there's some easy way to hide or protect the code from visitors, in order to avoid that our competititors steal the code for their own pages. Any advice? Thanks a lot!
  4. Hello! I am a new member of this forum, so I hope that my post will be welcomed here! I am not entirely sure it should be posted here but couldn't figure out a better place. Please advise if you have an idea. I would like to present you a brand new tool we launched for the gaming industry: AdoptMyGame (! This innovative website allows developers, for free now, to quickly advertise their games to a large number of publishing partners (you can see on the bottom of the website which publishers already gave us a special support, but please note that we are in contact with many more). Games and gamers are everywhere around the world, that's why the objective of this B2B tool is to help developers from every continent to unleash their games' full potential. We want you to show your titles to many people in the industry (publishers, investors, consultants etc,) and stop missing great distribution opportunities. Publisher have very precise filtering options, so if you have a game which is relevant for their needs, they will see it very quickly and be able to contact you in one click. After that is done, AdoptMyGame is not getting involved in your business. We just help you to be found and contacted. If you have one or several games, for any device, and at any stage of development (from Design concept to even already distributed on some regions/platforms), it can be very beneficial for you to quickly register and fill your profile and add those games. That will be great for us to have more games at the start, and that will be even better for you, as your game will be more visible to publishing partners! Because in the next weeks more and more other games will appear. When you add a game, it will not be visible to anyone else than you, until the moment we approve it. We will check the projects regularly and if we see that everything is looking properly, then we will make them visible to all. As I mentioned earlier, it's for now completely free to use. It will later costs, probably with a per-game-visible-for-a-certain-time rate basis. Let me know if you have any comment or question. I am really looking forward to counting your games in very soon
  5. Maybe now they can afford to fix the bugs in CocoonJS? "HTML5 is alive and kicking. That's the message from US/Spanish outfit Ludei, which has just closed a $1.5 million early stage funding round. Spanish venture capitalists Kibo Ventures and Vitamina K, as well as several angel investors, were involved. Ludei says it will use the money to expand its JavaScript/HTML5 engineering team to meet the growing demand from game and app developers. This brings the total investment the company has raised to-date to $4.5 million. In your hands Its smarts are already being used by over 6,000 developers, including what it labels 'three of the top 20 game publishers in the world'."
  6. Intel has used the Chinese leg of its IDF (Intel Developer Forum) event to lift the wraps on its new HTML5 Development Environment. The environment is available free of licensing fees and other costs. This is an integrated software application development system to develop, test, debug, and deploy applications across multiple operating systems — there is compatibility with Apple iOS, Android, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8. Intel insists that it "cares" about HTML5 because it believes it is important to help experienced and new developers transition to the cross-platform HTML5 approach so that they can deploy their apps and games on nearly all modern computing platforms.
  7. Kaazing (News - Alert), founders of HTML5 WebSocket, has announced that its HTML5 Edition 3.5 will support the real-time bidding, live chat, and live integrated audio of the online auction service Outbid. Founded in Oakland in October 2011, Outbid is a privately held company bringing the auction room online and adding unique and exciting social features for the Web and mobile. It is an interactive online auction that connects buyers and sellers in a fun, social, gaming atmosphere. Auctions are hosted in real-time by live auctioneers, where users compete to outplay, outlast, and outbid each other.
  8. The founding of appMobi dates back to 2006, and we ourselves have been tracking the company since 2009, when it first became apparent to us that HTML5 was going to play an important role in the future of mobility. We have since watched the company grow its technology and various platforms - which allow developers to write sophisticated HTML5 apps that are also able to take advantage of the native capabilities built into mobile devices (that is, hybrid mobile apps), into a significant force within the HTML5 ecosystem. Company founder Sam Abadir, appMobi's CTO and chairman, has had a long Internet, Web and cloud computing career, and is passionate and outspoken on the virtues of HTML5. We spoke with him at one point about his goals, chief among them the delivery of sophisticated tools that would allow developers to write pure, fast and twitchy HTML5/hybrid games that would rival native-built apps. We're not sure if that particular goal has been achieved yet (Facebook certainly doesn't think it's there yet), but the world is getting much closer to making it happen, and appMobi has played a role in this.