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Found 10 results

  1. Hey! I've decided to build a simple 2D framework for building multiplayer/MMO games (similar scope to Agar.io), I have significant experience in building multiplayer engines for windows/linux but I have never touched web. If you have any advice on libraries and development technologies, or general advice, I would greatly appreciate it. My current tech stack (if you think this is naive feel free to call me out, as I am indeed naive.): Language: Typescript Client Platform: Browser IDE: VS2017 Rendering: Pixi.js Physics: Box2D or simila
  2. Greetings everyone! First of all, I'd like to note that I noticed a warning to take note of banned topics list, but I couldn't find it. If this is among them, I do apologize, and it can be removed. With that out of the way, I'd like to run my distribution strategy by you. My requirements for distribution were First is profit maximization. Secondly is publisher relations, I want us both to mutually benefit from the deal (non-ex licensing), and to nurture a lasting relationship for future publishing. Thirdly I'd like the game to get exposure to as many players as possible around the world.
  3. Hey Folks, I have been playing around with phaser for some time making simple stuff. But for my new project I would like to try to make a Fighter game. I would like to make a character that is capable of attacking and has fairly good hit collision with other entities in game. Since this is more of a theory question. I will try to explain my approach. The character is group. Made with 3 parts. Body(sprite), arm(sprite), sword(sprite, for example 20x80, angle: -90). Now I would like to make the sword angle to go down from 90 to 0, aka simulating an attack. I get that I could just c
  4. Hi All, TLDR: i really just want a javascript sprite rendering engine, is Phaser right for me and/or with 3.0 will i be able to just use that part of the engine? I am about half way through my first phaser game and am loving it. Because of the nature of the game, i am using very little of the engine. All I am currently using the engine for is input buttons and sprite rendering. No physics, movement, world updates etc... I am using all my own code for doing movement, collision, updates, etc.. In the current phaser version, i am starting to see some slowdown on mobile b
  5. Hey, I'm currently developing a web based manager game. I would like to get some input on how to achieve my goal: Creating a Manager game where NPC's will move around based of strategies given by their managers. In the simulation part I would need a game engine and a physics engine to check for collisions etc. would need the NPC's to know they can't run through a wall for example, but I also need a system so I can see if a player standing behind small objects, such as a tree if that player is visible to other players (his arm etc.) The genre would be FPS, such as "csmanager".
  6. Is it possible to get payed for my games even though my company isn't registered yet. See, I'm currently a foreigner in the country I'm currently living in and so I can't open a business (sole proprietorship). So if anyone has any advice or experience with getting payed without actually having a business name, I would like to here your opinion.
  7. Hello everyone, I am not new to programming, but I am new to HTML5 game development. I was wondering if Phaser is a good place to start with making HTML5 games. I have seen that some people just use no framework starting out, but I didn't know if that was a good idea. Some people have also suggested using programs such as GameMaker or Construct2. I am just looking for some thoughts on this and appreciate any opinions given. Thank you all, Zio
  8. I'm new to phaser and I think this should just be a place for more experienced phaser-users to give little gems of advice to newcomers. Not only am I new to Phaser but quite new to Coding, so if anybody could give advice on how best to teach myself code, I'd be very greatful, I'm currently learning with the aid of 'The new Boston' on youtube which is very helpful, and he simplifies everything quite well, he sometimes explains things a bit too much, so he's probably just best for people very new to code, like me.
  9. I have designed a word game which I have played a lot on a physical Scrabble board, and I would now like to have programmed with a view to placing it with a company such as Gamehouse. The screen presentation and player input would be similar to Scrabble. I know little of programming and wondered if anyone would advise me of considerations before contacting a programmer, such as Is solo player best to start with or should I go for multiplayer? Should I confine it to desktop or to mobile devices? Single platform or cross-platform? How important is difficulty level player options? Of cou
  10. Hello everybody, I am new on this forum, but I think I'll stay around a while Short presentation: I am a French developer, fond of games like everybody here I guess, and I just started the html5 adventure. I have some background in oo coding (java, c++), I like clean, reusable code with a good ratio between performance and clarity. I want to make a cross-platform 2D game, html5 games feel right to me but I feel overwhelmed by this new world. Too much information, too much choices to make, not enough time, help . My project: Make a cross-platform 2D game. I will start by a top-view-worl
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