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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I've been trying to create a cube texture by using the url of texture objects created from a base64 string, but that doesn't seem to be working. Here's a playground example: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/index.html#IH5G0H#2 Is there another way to create a cube texture, if all 6 textures have been created from a base64 string? Thanks. EDIT: Solved it myself, you can just use the base64 string instead of the textures url. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/index.html#IH5G0H#3
  2. Hi, I tried to follow the tutorial to manually create a skybox using 6 single texture files: https://doc.babylonjs.com/babylon101/environment#skybox There it says I can use png files for that, but when I look in the browser console, there are just error messages saying that it can't find the skybox_px.jpg etc. Is there a way to use png files, because jpg files can look really ugly in a skybox :). Following the link to eternal coding for the standard materials, it only mentions "jpg" files for CubeTexture. Also there seems to be a little error in the tutorial, where it says "In that /skybox directory, we must find 6 sky textures, one for each face of our box. Each image must be named per the corresponding face: “skybox_nx.png”, “skybox_ny.png”, “skybox_nz.png”, “skybox_px.png”, “skybox_py.png”, “skybox_pz.png”." but before it was declared as skyboxMaterial.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTexture("textures/skybox", scene); When using "textures/skybox", Babylon looks for skybox_xx.jpg files directly in the textures folder, so it's a bit misleading. Maybe just change that to "textures/skybox/skybox", than the description will be ok. Thanks EDIT: Sorry, posted a bit prematurely, I should have used the search on the forum a bit more, found the answer here:
  3. Hello. I'm having an issue creating a skybox with compressed ktx textures. I've followed the instructions here, and have used the 2 bat scripts in conjunction with the PVRTexTool and ASTC tools. Note that I've used "D" for developer level quality. cd my-directory-with-images make-ktx-batch D ktx-batch That seems to have correctly generated the compressed files. I then create the default skybox. var available = ['-astc.ktx', '-dxt.ktx', '-pvrtc.ktx', '-etc2.ktx', '-etc1.ktx']; var formatUsed = engine.setTextureFormatToUse(available); console.log(formatUsed + ' textures'); ... var skyboxTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTexture("textures/skybox/gradient-sky/SkyGradient", scene); scene.createDefaultSkybox(skyboxTexture); Based on the console output, it seems to be attempting to load the texture format used "-dxt.ktx" at my root URL. I'm testing in Chrome on a MacBook, but am getting the same error in Firefox and Safari "Error: Error status: 404 - Unable to load -dxt.ktx". Any ideas? Thanks for taking the time to read.
  4. Is there Any way we can use a a panorama cube map as a PNG file ... NON HDR FORMAT. Right now we HAVE to split BABYLON.CubeTexture into six sides... But HDRCubeTexture allows for 1 single panorama cube map texture that it internally splits into faces... Can we make BABYLON.CubeTexture support single panorama png files... or maybe create a BABYLON.PNGCubeTexture that supports single panorama png files @Sebavan or @Deltakosh WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS ONE
  5. Is there something like a window texture? http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#JDGX2#5 This could be similar to replacing a skybox with a plane where there would be a window. It could function like a digital window in an city apartment showing a country side landscape. The picture based on the user's location and the rate of change could be based on how far the features in the picture are. For example: You could have 4 skyboxes, one within the other, each smaller than the latter. Inside of all the skyboxes is your house/office/apartment or just a single window. The window is a plane with the normals facing inward. The texture for the window is based on the sky boxes, the inner most skybox image on top of the second and so on. The section of image pulled from the skybox for the window texture is based on the plane's normals, the distance and angle of the user to the window, and the distance of each skybox to the window. Info is pulled from the sky boxes but there are no active skyboxes or with shapes that aren't boxes Imagine yourself in a field and you are surrounded by mountains, you take a beautiful panorama and isolate the mountains, apply the mountains to a cylinder with no caps and flipped normals, create a sky gif with clouds or stars floating by and apply that to a dome, cylinder section, or plane and so on..
  6. Hi all, I would like to load the textures for a cubeTexture in different sizes, so that first only a small resolution is loaded and then the normal textures. like LOD I would like to use the assetsManager? var assetsManager = new BABYLON.AssetsManager(scene); var textureTask = assetsManager.addTextureTask("image task", "example/blabla.png");//?url textureTask.onSuccess = function(task) { //my skybox function elsewhere createSkybox(task.texture);// dont work console.log("cubetexture loaded"); } assetsManager.load(); //my skybox function elsewhere createSkybox("example/blabla");// fine
  7. Hi guys I realise my request is somewhat unusual, but I have a requirement to load base64encoded images to a skybox as the reflectionTexture. I can use base64 image strings quite easily for standard diffuse textures, but I could not find a way to do this for a skybox (which pre-loades 6 images by appending _nx.jpg etc) So the question is: Is there a way I can do this already? If not could it be added to babylon? I would like to have code like skyboxMaterial.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTextureFromBase64(textureName, image64px, image64py, image64pz, image64nx, image64ny, image64nz, scene); I managed to work around the problem for now by editing babylon.js and changing the LoadImage function to detect specific pattern in the imagename and load the base64 string diirect as the src when I need it, but this is far from ideal going forward. (I'd happily prototype a function here too, but it's too complicated for me!!) Thanks in advance and keep up the amazing work. Constantly amazed at how cool babylonjs is. Rusty P.S. The reason I need to do this is because we have an offline version of our app the uses the WPF WebBrowser control. This works fine for normal images but created crossite exceptions in angular from babylon. Maybe there is another way to solve my problem, but base64 seemed easy and has solved the standard texture issue.
  8. Hello, I would like to use the assetsManager to load asynchronously a BABYLON.CubeTexture, is it possible ? Thank you for your responses ! Jérémy
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