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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, Wanted to share a project I've been working on called Superweb.app--the goal for this project is to help HTML 5 game devs deploy offline/native-like JS games to the web using your own domain names. I started building this to host my own games but thought it might be helpful for other people too. If you have time, would you be willing to give Superweb.app a shot and send me any feedback you have? If so, please sign up here and let me know how it goes! Here's a little more detail: Superweb.app hosts your game assets and configures a service worker to cache your assets locally so the game can run offline. Additionally, you can configure a web manifest so people can "install" your games on their home screen and launch them like a native app. When you upload new versions of your games, your users will be notified of the new version and allowed to "refresh" to get the update. Here's a couple screenshots of 1) my installed apps on my iPhone home screen and 2) the update prompt a user sees when a new version is available: I'm using Superweb.app to host my own HTML5 games, and it's been working pretty well so far--all my single-player JS games are playable offline. If you are able to try it out, please let me know if you think this service could be helpful to you or if there's things I could do to make it be helpful. Thank you for the help!!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm developing a game with the almighty Babylon.js, until now its working fine through mobile browsers even when internet is disconnected but now I want to know how can I port it to play it on PC. What I'm trying to achieve is to play my game offline on PC and make an installer. If its useful, I also work with Visual Studio. Any advice would be useful. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I made some searchs, and found some stuff. However, it looks obsolete. So, my question is: With current version, can my users execute my game offline? I mean, make a zip with game files, so them can unzip and execute index.html. Obviously, without local webserver nor touching security parameters. I use sprites, sounds and/or videos. If you need more data/details, just feel free to ask.
  4. In my application I have animation packages(babylon files) that are very large and take a while to download from the server. This download time is helped by using the enableSceneOffline and enableTexturesOffline in the manifest file, but we still have to deal with the initial load each time. Is there a way to load those so they are available in the background without having to render them on screen until we are ready for the user to interact with them? The load times are excessive for each package, but it would help if I could load a new babylon file to have it ready for when the user is done interacting with the first.
  5. Hi guys I realise my request is somewhat unusual, but I have a requirement to load base64encoded images to a skybox as the reflectionTexture. I can use base64 image strings quite easily for standard diffuse textures, but I could not find a way to do this for a skybox (which pre-loades 6 images by appending _nx.jpg etc) So the question is: Is there a way I can do this already? If not could it be added to babylon? I would like to have code like skyboxMaterial.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTextureFromBase64(textureName, image64px, image64py, image64pz, image64nx, image64ny, image64nz, scene); I managed to work around the problem for now by editing babylon.js and changing the LoadImage function to detect specific pattern in the imagename and load the base64 string diirect as the src when I need it, but this is far from ideal going forward. (I'd happily prototype a function here too, but it's too complicated for me!!) Thanks in advance and keep up the amazing work. Constantly amazed at how cool babylonjs is. Rusty P.S. The reason I need to do this is because we have an offline version of our app the uses the WPF WebBrowser control. This works fine for normal images but created crossite exceptions in angular from babylon. Maybe there is another way to solve my problem, but base64 seemed easy and has solved the standard texture issue.
  6. Has anyone had any success using Phaser offline using a manifest file. I've set up a manifest file to allow offline use. Works fine everywhere I've tested except on my iPad. The first time, when it downloads the files, it works fine. The second time it just stops. I traced it down to the audio. /** * Called when a file is successfully loaded. * * @method Phaser.Loader#fileComplete * @param {number} index - The index of the file in the file queue that loaded. */ fileComplete: function (index) {... case 'audio': if (this.game.sound.usingWebAudio) { file.data = this._xhr.response; this.game.cache.addSound(file.key, file.url, file.data, true, false); if (file.autoDecode) { var that = this; var key = file.key; this.game.cache.updateSound(key, 'isDecoding', true); this.game.sound.context.decodeAudioData(file.data, function (buffer) { if (buffer) { that.game.cache.decodedSound(key, buffer); that.game.sound.onSoundDecode.dispatch(key, that.game.cache.getSound(key)); } }); }The problem is that once the files have been cached, the file.data = this._xhr.response is null and that causes a DOM exception 12 error when the sound is added.
  7. Hi! How to use Phaser with full power on offline devices? My game is not an online only experience... How to get working? In a close future there will be a mobile app friendly version of Phaser? So we can distribute with PhoneGap, CocoonJS, etc... Thank you!
  8. Hello Everyone, The company I work for is called Qrezy, and we're looking to collaborate with a few html5 developers that are interested in spreading their games offline. We have created interactive logos and products, that will allow anyone with a smartphone to easily connect and enjoy your game. It's difficult for any mobile game to gain attention in the high saturated online world, that's why our focus is connecting the physical and digital worlds in one simple and fun process. Our goal is to make mobile entertainment quick, simple, and artistic. We are currently beta testing our new product "Qrezy Pass" and though we have worked with a lot of musicians, we would like to expand with gaming. Here is a brief video of how our technology works in regards to music: NFC Functionality Video (Front of Pass) Interactive Logo Video (Back of the Pass) If you are interested in collaborating with us or have any questions, please feel free to email us: [email protected] or contact us through our website: Qrezy.com Thank You
  9. Topheman Bombs takes advantage of the accelerometer (devicemotion/deviceorientation events) on your device.It's using Ball.js, a game engine I made that handles physics interactions between balls as well as rendering. You can play offline, or on your desktop browser via the accelerometer emulator !Tilt your device to manage the blue dotTap the screen to drop bombs on the enemies (red dots)Grab the green dots to get more bombsTest Topheman Bombs here + video demo ...
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