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Found 22 results

  1. Hi all, I have a backdrop for a little game that I'd like to split into layers (with some particles between) nothing major probably 2-3 layers at max. The game is for mobile and file sizes have got to be as low as possible. The backdrop in question is not something that can be tiled or recreated with an atlas so I'll need to split it into a few largish images. png 32s' tend to be too heavy, 8 bit will probably lose too much colour information. I was wondering about instead using a larger jpg (eg the backdrop is 1920x1080) but maybe extending it to a square 2k, then using that with
  2. I can't instantiate an image layer from .png file. Is it right? me.game.world.addChild (new me.ImageLayer (0, 0, { image: 'background' }), 1); I can't get the documentation clearly from http://melonjs.github.io/melonJS/docs/me.ImageLayer.html, I want to create a scrollable background, i looked at tutorial from http://melonjs.github.io/tutorial-platformer/ but i just get the load process from TMX, i just want from normal png, can anyone help me, thank you. I've add the resource image 'background' to game.resources and load it successfully, because other image file there can b
  3. Hi everybody, I have a plane with material and diffuseTexture. The image used for the texture is a png with transparent background. In order to keep the transparent background in babylon, I set useAlphaFromDiffuseTexture = true; on the material. But now I want to see the shadow of the image. But I cant because of the useAlphaFromDiffuseTexture parameter. So my question is : Is there a way to have the shadow of my png image following the transparent and not transparent part? Thanks for your help! Pichou
  4. Hi there, I am looking into phaser framework for a game that I'm developing. I was wondering if it is possible in phaser to load custom assets (data file) that contains multiple png files and some custom information. Is is possible to open a custom file, read binary contents, and pass png data to create a phaser image/texture etc.? I love to hear if this is possible, thanks, Bram
  5. Hi, I tried to follow the tutorial to manually create a skybox using 6 single texture files: https://doc.babylonjs.com/babylon101/environment#skybox There it says I can use png files for that, but when I look in the browser console, there are just error messages saying that it can't find the skybox_px.jpg etc. Is there a way to use png files, because jpg files can look really ugly in a skybox :). Following the link to eternal coding for the standard materials, it only mentions "jpg" files for CubeTexture. Also there seems to be a little error in the tutorial, where it
  6. Hello. When I try to use png with transparency it has a very thin line where the image ends. You can see in the following example the texture has a thin grey line on the bottom side but the actual png image is completely transparent at these pixels. It might not be visible at first glance, but make the viewport of the Playground bigger and you should notice it. The line shows up on both chrome and firefox but is more visible with chrome. https://playground.babylonjs.com/#AMU9TG#1
  7. Hi everyone, I have an issue with texture compression on iOS device : here is the problem : on my PC : on my iPad : the material : { "customType" : "BABYLON.PBRMaterial", "directIntensity" : 1, "emissiveIntensity" : 1, "environmentIntensity" : 0.9, "specularIntensity" : 1, "cameraExposure" : 1, "cameraContrast" : 2, "microSurface" : 0.5, "overloadedShadowIntensity" : 1, "overloadedShadeIntensity" : 1, "overloadedAmbientIntensity" : 0, "overloadedAlbedoIntensity" : 0, "overloadedReflectivityIntensity" : 0, "overloaded
  8. Is it possible with or without pixi.js to calculate the number of transparent or solid pixels for a given x/y position? My use case is that I have random trees and I want to calculate the width of their trunk at the base of the tree.
  9. Is there Any way we can use a a panorama cube map as a PNG file ... NON HDR FORMAT. Right now we HAVE to split BABYLON.CubeTexture into six sides... But HDRCubeTexture allows for 1 single panorama cube map texture that it internally splits into faces... Can we make BABYLON.CubeTexture support single panorama png files... or maybe create a BABYLON.PNGCubeTexture that supports single panorama png files @Sebavan or @Deltakosh WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS ONE
  10. Hello, I recently found out that my game looks bright (sometimes too bright) only in the desktop Chrome browser (version 53) on OSX (El Capitan). Has anyone gotten similar problems? I checked up few of those Phaser bitmap examples (such as this one) but the examples do not apparently have the color difference issue. I am afraid that I might be doing something wrong with the images or the script. Thank you very much for your advices on this matter in advance. Left : Chrome / Right : Safari P.S. I tried removing color profile from image or choosing different color profil
  11. Howdy Babylonians! When I used the unity3d to babylon exporter it currently takes my cubemap and exports it out to a series of JPGs for the different faces of the cubemap. I would like to have use PNG files instead. I can fix this on the exporter side fairly easily by switching the command to from File.WriteAllBytes(faceTexturePath, tempTexture.EncodeToJPG()); to File.WriteAllBytes(faceTexturePath, tempTexture.EncodeToPNG()); and then also changing the output naming convetion from case CubemapFace.NegativeZ: faceTexturePath += "_
  12. Is there a big efficiency difference, in terms of game speed/smoothness and memory usage between using a small png for entities sprites VS using a big png and scaling it down with javascript ingame?
  13. Hello Everyone, I am new in phaser, I am really excited to make new game with this framework I would like to know if it is possible to load asset from unity. I have some asset in unity (xyz.unitypackage) and i would like to use them in phaser, can I convert them to json and png format ? Thanks in advance
  14. Hello, I have this weird problem, I am trying to add a specific cursor png for my game. I couldn't find any solutions on how to do it with phaser, so I did it with css for the specific div, but somehow it works for the first three seconds, but when I hover a button in the game the png disappears, on reload it shows up again, and when I hover a button it disappears again? Is there a way to do this with phaser? Am I missing something? Thanks!
  15. hi. i'm using png or jpg for my game and i'm optimizing to reduce memory.. is using etc1 good than using png? i think capacity is bigger than png ? etc1 is efficient? thx
  16. Hi, Is it possible in Phaser to actually make a certain mask area clickable? This to prevent limitation to squared click fields. Thank you, Peter
  17. So I have this game that I made a while back that I am now trying to port with phaser. In this game I used individual PNG files for all my animations. From looking through the docs, it seems Phaser's animation support is just for spritesheets? Is there a way to do something like: player.sprite.animations.add('idle', ['images/s_snailIdle_0.png', 'images/s_snailIdle_1.png'], 60, true, false); player.sprite.animations.play('idle');If not, how can I change the frame for an individual sprite so I can maybe implement my own animation system?
  18. Hi, I am trying to "hack" the spritesheets limitations by using JPG images with alpha channel. The process is simple: - I have a starting PNG with alpha channel - from this PNG I save a JPG (with varying fill colour for originally transparent areas) - from the PNG I extract the alpha channel and save it as an opaque indexed colour grayscale image - I load the new JPG and the grayscale PNG, and use the PNG as alpha channel for the JPG. These are the two images, the JPG and the grayscale PNG animBitmapData is BitmapData from the JPG animBitmapData_ALPHA is BitmapData from the grayscale PNG
  19. Hey, I was wondering if it's possible to use either CSS, Canvas, HTML or JavaScript to draw elements for a game (like blocks, characters, etc..) or would I have to use a pre-made image. If this has already been answered, please direct me to the proper thread/website. I'm self-taught so a lot of examples and "dumbing down" is greatly appreciated! Thanks again in advance.
  20. Hi I present to you the first version of OptiPNG for Eclipse. It is a plugin you can install in Eclipse and then use it to optimize (automatically or manual) the PNG files of your project. Optimize the PNG images help you too keep your game with a smaller size. This plugin was published in the Eclipse Marketplace: http://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/optipng-eclipse So you can install it through the Marketplace Client featured by Eclipse. Read the full guide here: https://bitbucket.org/boniatillo/eclipse-optipng If you are a Phaser developer, there other tools for Eclipse too
  21. Hi ! First, sorry for my bad english, i'm french and really not good in english... So, I'm creating a game, with sprites animations on click, all is right with this, but i test it on mobile today and there is a black square at the place of my png sprite, all of the other png are correctly displayed ! I've an other png animated in game wich is not on click event, it works perfectly... i don't understand the prob..? Could u help me please ! ps: If you don't understand anything, i can try to explain better ! Thanks !
  22. Phaser ver 2.0.3-2.0.4 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOT SOLVED YET ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Firstly, I'd like to ask whether bitmap fonts are faster than webfonts when rendering with strokes. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ QUESTION IS SOLVED ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ S
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