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Found 13 results

  1. Red Apple Technologies have recently released 3 Digit Gold. It has already captured huge attention among the casino gamers. 3 Digit Gold is a real-time multiplayer casino betting game designed for adults which uses real cash betting. Play 3 Digit Gold is the most thrilling casino game. You can play with your Android device. The game is also capable of managing high player volume without compromising on the performance or adding too much load on the game servers, by using the AWS servers. The core gameplay section enables viewing the active game played in real time. The interested players can find available boards to join or can also ask others to join. To know more about the game and install, click here:
  2. Hi All! I just wanted to introduce a game we created called Minako Vs Zombies. This is a platformer with a story line and a grand finale. If people like it, we plan to make a continuation game and progress the storyline even further. As a side note, I am an old school C++ developer and was quite resistant to HTML games... but when I was introduced to Phaser I felt like I was home! What an amazing framework this is. So much can be done in just a few lines of code. Here is the link to the Google Play store: More details can be found here: Web demo of the game: Let us know what you think. Any constructive criticism is more than welcome. Thanks for taking the time to check it out!
  3. Hi, Everyone. this is my first game ( At least the one that got completed). I wanted to make some money out of it. Since this is my first game, I didn't have high hopes. But I got rejected by every sponsor I contacted ( I mean the few who replied). So, Anyone who can give me some pointer on how I can make this game or any future game that I'll be making better. please check out my game lolly match . Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks in Advance.
  4. Hi, I added a very simple minigame using Phaser to Facebook here: I used the Facebook smash game lib here: and currently only utilized the friend request for share but might use the Facebook highscore share that's in their example for chip sounds I used this amazing vst for simple Facebook rev generation I used CPMstar: (which is allowed on Facebook) Connecting Phaser games to the Facebook Api using the smash code is ultra simple, at the end of their social.js class found at above link I just added this at end of class: function logFromGame(){ FB.init({ appId : 'ADD YOUR APP ID HERE', xfbml : true, version : 'v2.5' }); FB.Event.subscribe('auth.authResponseChange', onAuthResponseChange); FB.Event.subscribe('auth.statusChange', onStatusChange);} then once the Phaser game was loaded I called this method, then just made sure the Phaser game was added in the html before the social.js You might be asking "do people still play games on Facebook", yep and it seems they like very very simple html5 games made with Phaser! It seems better than submitting games the old skool way to arcades. Ian
  5. Galactic Upgrade is a journey throughout the Galaxy, with you and your chosen rocket. travel around, upgrade satellites, defend against asteroids and UFO's and the most important part have fun! This game is Available for Licensing. Contact Us for licensing purpose or just PM us,- Any Feedback about, gameplay, design, quality are all welcome. Click here to play>>
  6. Hello! My name is Dmitro(not Rabbit) I am back-end developer(ASP.NET MVC) I'm looking for typescript programmer for the development of the 2d online game(simple MMORPG with elements of –≤oard game). The game have the simple mechanics, PvP/PvPE maps, story and so on for more details - skype: speldima Thank you MetaRabbit
  7. Hi. I've been a professional software developer for a few years, but I'm just starting to get into the Phaser framework for making javascript games. I have an idea for a game that I wanted to share with you guys, "Breakout With Friends". It's similar the game where you control a pong-style paddle and try to bounce the ball into bricks to break them. Here's some similar examples: The idea I had would be a facebook game. You can invite your friends to join a game and play "co-op" mode together or challenge them in a 1 on 1 pong style battle mode. I really really like Tetris Battle on facebook. It's a really well-made super popular game with nice, crip cartoonish graphics. As I said, this is all just an idea right now. I'm looking for any feedback- Would you play this game if it existed? Does it already exist somewhere on the web? Do you want to join in and help build this game? I'll probably make a public repo on github for this. Who's in?
  8. Hello everyone! I'd like to share a little game I made in Phaser for a game jam. It's called "Atari Man" The game is in Spanish, but i'm working on an english version. You play as "Atari Man", a superhero who must collect al the ET cartidriges before it's too late. You can play the game here Hope you like it!
  9. Hi, Please check the following link to see our second HTML5 game "Memory Scanning" ! , It is a brain game, nice way to develop player's memorizing capability, at the same time they will enjoy the game play with great sound effect. Game link: Please contact to buy the non-exclusive license Game video link: Supported to every mobile browser and desktop/laptop browsers. Short Description:Memory / brain game with totally different experience in terms of game play. You will be shown some objects , then those will be hidden, you have to recall them. Three different categories (animal, fish, fruit) with excellent graphics and sound. Enjoy the game. Full Description: 1. There are three different categories (animal,fish,fruit). 2. In each category you will be shown some objects one after another. Lets talk about the animal category first. You will be shown three animals one after another. After that they will be hidden. You have to click on the animals (you have just shown) from the animal pictures at the bottom. 3. Remember a Gorilla will try to steal a banana bunch, you have to recall the animals before the Gorilla steals the banana bunch. 4. After certain point you will be shown four objects at a time, then five objects at a time and the speed of Gorilla walking towards the banana bunch will be increased up to certain point. 5. For fish and fruit category the game play is similar , but the sprites/pictures are different. On the other hand in place of Gorilla there is a dolphin for fish and bird for fruit category. In place of banana bunch there is a ball for fish and cherry for fruit category. 6. There is a increasing upon wining challenge point. Try to win the challenge point and get 50 bonus points. 7. You can pause the game at any point and mute the sound. 8. Last but not the least, there is an interactive help section for this game (button located at main menu room). See the help for better understanding. Enjoy the game Please to buy the non-exclusive license
  10. Hi..! I have just finished up my new game called "Silly Snake" at Testing on different devices are appreciable Tell me how much u like it...!
  11. check out my first game based on truly html 4 and javascript please download and rate it and give feedback thanks
  12. Hey folks, I'm new around here and very new to Game Development. I'm a web developer but have started learning game development with Phaser and HTML5. I am also new to Javascript. Never the less, here is my first game that I have ever made on any platform...ever! (Be gentle). SLIME BALL. Play Here: Any feedback would be much appreciated. I am also planning on making it mobile friendly and then adding to the app store. If anyone knows any goo tuts on how to use the accelerometer with Phaser then I would be very grateful. Cheers, Kieran.
  13. sdw3

    Dangerous Dan

    This is my first HTML5 game. It's a relatively basic game -- being my first foray into HTML5 gaming -- but i think it's pretty nice. In the game you control the main character, guiding him past enemies while collecting a certain percentage of coins each stage to progress. I focused on getting the game to work on the devices i had on hand, and so it works on the iPod touch 3rd gen, the ipad 2nd gen, and a generic android-2.3 4.3inch phone. Extrapolating from there i assume it works on most iOS devices, and most android 2.3 devices within the android browser. I read a few of the articles on photon storm and so didn't really focus much on desktop browsers, just making sure the game played on the browser i use most, chrome (Wondering if this was a mistake? Not the reading of the articles , but the lack of focus on desktop browsers?). Would love any kind of feedback to help improve the game, its monetization, help with ad network, the whole shebang. The game can be played here Thanks.