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Found 6 results

  1. I have created a scene with two mirrors reflection one each other. I want to control how much times is reflection calculated to see the reflection in reflection. Is this possible via ReflectionTexture? Or ReflextionProbe?
  2. The title says it all. I have a room with PBR walls\floor\ceiling. I have a mirror on the wall and I want to make some object inside the room invisible unless you look at it through a mirror. How can I make this work using BJS?
  3. My first version of a game inspired from a hardware game "Magic Mirror (M.C. Escher)" : Mirror-Cubes Because the game itself isn't so easy to play, you can use some hidden buttons (1-5) to complete the level... Technically the game is almost finished but I'm very interested about your opinion, suggestion and so on to complete the "gaming" part. BTW, its time for me to thank Mr. Deltakosh in place of all guys bringing their effort to this forum, Best Regards javalang Forgotton to say: best viewed with Google-Chrome
  4. Not so much a question as an answer I hope. Scroll down to the bottom if you want to get to the important bit about how to do it. Very slowly I am putting together a BJS Guide as a companion to the official documentation and working on materials I came across reflectionTextures and MirrorTextures.and got well lost. With some help from @Deltakosh I sort of got it for coordinatesMode and started on mirrors and couldn't make them work. So after a search or two I found @Luaacro 's book , @JCPalmer 's and @dbawel 's discussion All very useful but I knew I had to sort out mirrors for my own satisfaction. First I needed to know if the reflection was as far behind the mirror as the object was in front, set I set up the construction of a rod from the object to where the reflection should be then I set out to play with mirrors until it worked. Finally after three days I think I have cracked it (so forgive me for a little joy and the post) HERE BE CRACKED MIRRORS Hopefully this will be useful for others - the important bit - the explanation lies with the guide The guide is in early days of construction so not much there at the moment but it is something I can give back to BJS, et al.
  5. Hello my name is Musti I've made this scene using blender : Now I want to add a reflection in some places like windows How to add the reflection in these places using a blender? Which option in this software should I select to get the wanted effect. I've tried to select the option-mirror in material menu in blender but it hasn't worked I've tried also to use a reflection in coordinates mapping in the texture menu but i've got reapeted image (it can be seen in example) i will be gratefull for your help
  6. Hi everybody ! Here is the 2nd game I made with Phaser : Candy Mirror Ninja ! The originality is that you don't see things as they are, you only see the images of them on mirrors which are the walls of the levels. You will need some time to get used to it, it's a bit special to master. Controls : Use the arrows to move the Ninja and the mouse to aim and shoot when you get the Laser. Information : The game is based on the themes of the Global Game Jam 2014 ("We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are") and the Candy Jam.It's why there is a King which protects the Candy from you. He shoots avocados (because the french for avocado is also the name for lawyer, little joke ^^) in each direction, faster if you get closer to the Candy. These avocados can kill you.Finally, you can get a Laser to shoot at the King or mirrors to make reflections. Notes : The game uses masks for the mirror images, so it requires WebGL.The game doesn't work on Internet Explorer.Firefox doesn't render well the texts.You need to activate WebGL in Safari.Chrome is the best browser for this game. >> The link of the game on : << >> The source on GitHub : << Hope you have fun even if it's a little difficult and a bit ugly ^^ Let me know what you think of it !