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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! I have got a tiled map using PIXI.extras.TilingSprite and a player with simple animation using PIXI.extras.AnimatedSprite, which is moving to the right corner of the screen automaticly ( like player.position.x++ ), then player position.x > window.innerWidth, player startes again on the start position. Game updates using requestAnimationFrame function. Just playing with PIXI... But after a 15-20 seconds of player movement a noticed FPS FAILING. I have NO ideas why it happens. Can you help me?
  2. I found that games made in v2.6.2 have a huge better perfomance on mobile devices than in v2.9.4 CE (early versions too) checked the changelog, and don't see the major updates in something that may impact on this.. does anyone know why is this happening?
  3. Hi, On some Android devices canvas renderer works better and stable than Web GL Some games may crash in Web GL mode when in canvas mode all games stable. I want to ask is there any way how can we detect it ? Maybe some benchmarks exist ?
  4. Hi all! I made map with buildings and trees. The map using 15 textures 512x512. What better for performance? Using 15 textures 512x512? Or combine all map textures in one big texture 2048x2048? and what the max size of the texture babylon is supports? Thank!
  5. for better loading speed, i used texture packer to change multiple sprites to some json atlas. sometime, fps drop from 45-50 to 2-3, especially when use tween or when user other object as modal popup in states. The "sprites" version working fine with 45-50 fps. It happened on "canvas" render mode, the "opengl" render mode is fine with 25-30fps. But i need to use canvas mode for capture screenshot button (canvas2image), and it give better fps (45-50 when uses pure sprites). Does anyone have a solution for this, please help. p/s: sorry for my bad english!
  6. Hi! I have a strange behavior: when I start game first time on mobile browser (with clear cache) it runs very slow. But when I reload page it performs much better. May be someone faced with similar. [EDIT] I've tested on chrome & safari, it occurs only in chrome. [EDIT2] Oh, looks like this is random thing, depends on device's processor loading..