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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, currently I'm developing a small game and I want to have multiple animation sets from the same sprite sheet, they're done with aseprite. I've implemented a simple loader (in typescript), which loads all the sprite stuff correctly (json atlas), but when generating the animations it stops working if I specify the start and end properties of the configuration object, for the Scene::anims#generateFrameNames(string, object) method. Note that the error is thrown when using the animation, not when creating it! Also anim comes from a valid array of objects (As they work when
  2. How to load sound in a game at runtime using ajax call
  3. I have created one path and I have a scenario to update that path run time and according to that path I need to update tube according to the updated path, can anyone help me for this.
  4. I created a plane by using this.plane = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreatePlane("plane", { width: 0.5, height: 10 }, scene, true); and then I try to modify the plane height in rendering, but the height is not changed. this.laserV.height = xxx; But seems the plane height is never changed.
  5. Hi, I am developer of Overlap2D, which is an open source level and ui editor. Overlap2D's main logic is to give level designer a way to composite a big non tiled map of nested things, and export that as JSON. Later a developer can use any framework/language of their choice to load, render and use that map the way they see fitting, given there is a runtime lib made for that language/framework. Check out our website and main video if it's still unclear: http://overlap2d.com/ Now to the point, originally we had a runtime for libGDX, and currently are adding a runtime fo Haxe. I am thinking ne
  6. Hello, I have a game that uses many sounds , i don't want to load all sounds at the start of the game this will make this will make the player waiting for 5 min . I need to load one sound and play it when player click a button. i did this : //when player click a button this.game.load.audio("apple", ["assets/sounds/apple.mp3"]); var _sound= this.game.add.audio("apple");_sound.play('',0,1,false) but the console say : Phaser.Cache.getSound: Invalid key: "apple" any solution ? Thank you.
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