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Found 6 results

  1. I have created one path and I have a scenario to update that path run time and according to that path I need to update tube according to the updated path, can anyone help me for this.
  2. hello gangs, i made a pg where a sphere should follow the path of a tube, but it's not working, what could be possibly wrong?
  3. Hi people, I just added a new optional parameter, called invertUV (boolean, default false) to every ribbon based shapes : ribbon, tube, lathe, standard and custom extrusion. var rib = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateRibbon("r", {pathArray: paths, invertUV: true}, scene); This swaps the U and V coordinates at geometry construction time. What is this for ? Imagine you've got two different meshes, say, a tube and a sphere and they share, for performance reasons, the same material/texture. You notice then that the texture is applied on to the tube the wrong way (horizontally, for i
  4. Hi guys! I have a tube mesh, created with an array of Vector3 points. I update this tube mesh adding new points to the path, but for some reason it's giving me errors like Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property '0' of null Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'x' of undefined http://babylonjs-playground.com/#85J9N#10 What am I doing wrong?
  5. I am facing a strange problem. I am trying to draw tubes between points. The points are determined based on some mathematical logic. Strange thing is that for some combination of coordinated the tubes don't show up. Below is an example. var path = [];path.push(new BABYLON.Vector3(22, -3.1945000000000014, 0)) //point 1A//path.push(new BABYLON.Vector3(22, -3.1944000000000017, 0)) //point 1Bpath.push(new BABYLON.Vector3(22, 24.25, 0)) //point 2var tube = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateTube("tube", path, .15, 16, null, 0, scene, false, BABYLON.Mesh.FRONTSIDE) If I run the above code the tube will NOT show.
  6. Hex-GS IS COMPLETE! - http://www.newyorkcodebits.com/webapp/hex-gs/ Hey guys, got another one for you. Since Huoli Arcade, I've wanted to create a game variation of my all time favorite, Gyruss. Enter Hex-GS. It's going to be a similar styled 80's tube/gyro shooter from the arcades, but I'm adding some twists. For starters, you will be able to power up your Hexfighter with a dual shot, and then a rotater/spreader-dual shot. Second, you have the ability to grapple to the other side of the tube surface with a button. To top it off, like the NES/Famicom Disk port of Gyruss, you will be able t
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