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Found 5 results

  1. Introducing my new game! It's a shoot 'em up bullet-hell game designed to run on both mobile and desktop browsers. Link Art Cover/Screenshot How to Play Touch (or click) the screen to move the ship and it will also shoot automatically as you hold it. Release to stop from moving and shooting. Game Description Defeat all last retreating alien air units on the sea and lead earth to victory! Features The game contains of 3 levels; introductory, normal, and difficult level. Each level can be finished around 3 - 6 minutes. The Player is given a maximum of 3 lives to survive, with a single weapon upgrade to get through the whole levels. It has a score system, where each defeated enemy can increase the score. The game has a hidden score multiplier. The multiplier keeps growing based on the number of bullet hit towards the enemy, and reset when the Player got defeated. In short, if you want a higher score, don't die and kill more! Technical The game is made using Cocos Creator at 60 fps by default, WebGL only, and designed to run on both mobile and desktop browsers, except UC browser. It is designed to trap you into a position that you need to discover yourself so you won't die! The game doesn't just blindly throw bullets and enemies all over the place. The game was developed around 1.5 working months, part-time. All the illustrations, sound effects, and soundtracks are all made by me except the fonts. That's all thank you! Let me know what you think, and looking forward for your feedback. Update 25/2/2018: - Adjusted the sound volume - Game over now shows Player last score - Gameplay: Increased invincibility time to 2.5s upon revival - Gameplay: Player aircraft position is now 16px higher from touch position than previous - Bug: The game may not show the return menu on final level clear. Update 19/1/2019 - New "ownership" to chewgako, haha! Apparently I do remember this account. The email has been deleted though, so I'll stick with my new account. - Upgraded the Cocos engine version from 1.? (already forgot) to 2.1 - Fixed some background issues due to incompatibility (by removing them). - Fixed boundary screen issue where the ship can go beyond expected boundary on landscape, though the game is designed for only portrait. - The game can work on both landscape and portrait, but the screen is default to portrait. - Change main menu button font colors to be more visible. - Edited main menu's decoration cause it looks so freaking pale. - Fixed the main menu cloud animation loop. - Fixed bug where one type of enemy ship aren't removed from the game after its wave is ended. - Fixed boot script error due to Cocos version being incompatible with the old boot file from custom build-templates. Update 23/1/2019 - Shorten the level clear music - Removed fadeout on game over - Fixed bug where game over isn't going back to main menu on second time - Added in-game ads - Link is now (finally) available
  2. Hello everybody! I want to share with you the game I made this year for the #js13k jam, it's an stressing shoot 'em up where your objective is to survive much as possible. It's my first time using fragment shaders in a game and I must to say that is not easy to start with, but at the end the results are amazing! So if you want to play it you can find it in: Also as a requirement for the gamejam all code is opensource (, there you can find links with the references I used for the game and people that helped me with feedback and support. Thanks!
  3. Hello guys, just wanted to show an HTML5 game made with superpowers. Super Coin Collector is a shoot e'm up 2D for Android inspired by Super Crate Box. You can download it from:
  4. Hey everyone. I somehow managed to finish a somewhat proper game "Shoot the bastards!", thanks to this community's help. Edit: Now playable on firefox as well. Here's how it looks on mobile: Here's the link to play it: Mild NSFW warning. Controls: Directional keys to move and space to shoot, and onscreen controls on mobile. So these are my queries: The performance on mobile still isn't satisfactory. How to improve performance? I will provide you with link to the main game state file if you need that to answer it. Can this game make any money? If so, how? How to properly package it for distribution? I know I need to minify and obfuscate the code but don't know how. Is the package created by Intel XDK fine or should I manually install SDKs and package it using them? Can I use the name "Shoot the bastards!" on play store, or do I need a more family friendly one? Should I also remove profanity from the game (the aliens call you a pu$$y once in a while)? Any feedback is appreciated, and thanks again for helping me make this far.
  5. Hi all, We are a small creative development studio from the Netherlands and we just started out to explore the capabilities of the phaser framework. We decided to develop a shoot em up game in html5. At first the goal was to make it playable om a variety of mobile devices and desktop. At the end this is a hard task to accomplish as the game grew into a more processor demanding thing then we expected (is it the animation causing a severe slowdown?). So the downside is a.t.m. it is more like a flash game then a html 5 game. Very good performance in webgl enabled desktop browsers, chrome performs best. We dug into some of the processor intensive parts of the code but could not manage to squeeze more fps out of it on mobile. Performance on ipad2 (ios8) is reasonable but iphone4 and galaxy's are not playable at all. I might dig a little deeper sometime to find the root of the problem. controls: wsad or arrow keys: or click and drag on the screen with a finger or mouse. Weapon system upgrades automatically when you collect enough gold. Shoot the guys jumping from the exploding ships for extra bonus. it quite a hard game: hope you like it. Cheers, Wouter