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  1. end3r

    js13kGames 2023

    Countdown to js13kGames 2023 already started - build a web game in a month on a given theme. The challenge? Squeeze it into a 13 kilobyte ZIP package! Plenty of prizes to be won, cool experts giving feedback, free t-shirts and gadgets to top100 entries, and much more - the fun begins on August 13th!
  2. Hello everyone! Last week I submit my #js13k entry, Back Attacker. This is my first game,? so I want to get comments of anyone! I'd love it if you guys could give it a play and help to improve by feedback! https://js13kgames.com/entries/back-attacker - it's playable in Firefox and Chrome Desktop.
  3. end3r

    js13kGames 2018

    It's time to start a thread for this year's js13kGames - an online competition for HTML5 game developers that runs since 2012. The fun part is the size limit set to 13 kilobytes - check the rules for details if you want to learn more. The seventh edition start as usual, on August 13th, and end a month later, on September 13th. Check the previous years' topics for reference: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. There's a whole bunch of nice judges, cool prizes, there will be free t-shirts and other swag as well. Follow the compo on Twitter and Facebook for updates as this year will introduce a few interesting changes. So, who's going to participate this time?
  4. end3r

    js13kGames 2017

    It's that time of the year again - time to start thinking about the js13kGames competition. The sixth edition will start on August 13th, 13:00 CEST and will run for a month. For those who don't know it yet: it's an online competition for HTML5 game developers where the fun part is the file size limit set to 13 kilobytes. Check the rules for details. There are always notable judges, lots of cool prizes, and free t-shirts for all entries shipped worldwide. See the forum topics from previous years for reference: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. Follow the compo profiles on Twitter and Facebook to be up to date with all the news and announcements. I'm looking for prizes and sponsors, so if you can help with either of those please get in touch! So, who's going to participate?
  5. Hello everyone, Some of you may remember the results of js13k 2016, in which Glitchbuster made first in the mobile category, and second overall. Ever since I started working on that game, I knew I wanted to make something bigger, not bound by the 13kb limit. Well, after several months of work on v2 of the game, I just published the game on Steam Greenlight, and I'm hoping that I can release it on the Steam platform in the coming months. Steam Greenlight is basically a community system where players can vote for the games they want to see in the store. Games that are popular enough get the right to get published on Steam and are accessible to millions of players. The game is quite different from the original js13 entry, so here is the pitch: And here is a nice trailer I put together: If you think the game is worth putting on Steam, please take a minute and upvote it using your Steam account on its dedicated page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=927798008 Glitchbuster is the result of months of work, and getting to publish it on Steam would mean a lot to me. I appreciate any kind of support, and I would really love it if you could help me get it to the Steam store.
  6. Hello everyone! Last week I finished my #js13k entry, Greeble. I'd love it if you guys could give it a play and let me know what you think. http://js13kgames.com/entries/greeble
  7. Hello everybody! I want to share with you the game I made this year for the #js13k jam, it's an stressing shoot 'em up where your objective is to survive much as possible. It's my first time using fragment shaders in a game and I must to say that is not easy to start with, but at the end the results are amazing! So if you want to play it you can find it in: http://js13kgames.com/entries/evil-glitch Also as a requirement for the gamejam all code is opensource (https://github.com/agar3s/devil-glitches), there you can find links with the references I used for the game and people that helped me with feedback and support. Thanks!
  8. Hello there, It's been a while I haven't posted anything here, mostly because I don't have that much time for game dev anymore, but here is my entry for js13k 2016: Glitch Buster. The game's goal is to dive into a code base, and fix all 13 glitches within the time limit. You'll need to avoid the scary and sometimes unpredictable pointers. You can also use breakpoints that you will find in the levels as grenades. All levels (except the tutorial) are randomly generated, in a very similar way to Spelunky. The game is not 100% done yet, I intend to spend a tiny bit more time on optimizing, balancing, testing across devices... In terms of features, I only have 178 bytes left to play with and I'm out of compression tricks, so I probably won't be able to add anything too crazy anymore (I'm already surprised I was able to fit sound in there). You can play it at http://glitch.tap2play.io/ Let me know what you guys think
  9. Hello gamedevs! Just posting to show off my JS13k entry, Super Glitch Box. An homage to one of my favorite freeware games, it features fun glitchy visuals, stereo sound effects, original music and procuedurally generated weapons. http://js13kgames.com/entries/super-glitch-box
  10. Hello everybody! I have recently submitted a game to the js13k competition and looking to know what people think of it! The game is a space invaders style game, with everything from a store, to mobile support. Check it out here! http://js13kgames.com/entries/anti-virus
  11. end3r

    js13kGames 2015

    The next, fourth edition of the js13kgames competition starts in more than a month, so it's time to create a thread and start talking about it. For those who don't know: it's a JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 game developers. You have a month (from August 13th till September 13th) to create a game on the given theme (announced at the start of the compo) that should fit into the 13 kilobytes limit with all the resources when zipped. It is a challenge, but the one that spawns creativity. Check out rules and previous entries, forum topic from 2014, follow compo on Twitter and Facebook for updates. I've started announcing the judges and prizes, here's the info so far: Judges: me and Richard Davey. Prizes: - 2 × Phaser Box2D premium plugin - 8 × Isogenic game engine premium license - 1 × Construct 2 game engine business license - 5 × Making Money with HTML5 ebook - 10 × PlayCanvas Pro-5 account - 5 × ImpactJS game engine - 5 × Complete Mobile Game Development Course There are more judges and prizes to be announced soon. So, who's gonna participate this time?
  12. Hey folks, Today I want to share with you my entry for the js13k 2015 competition and comment a little bit my experience. In typical platformers you have to avoid enemies, avoid pits, collect stuffs, stay alive as long as possible and be happy but Please, Die is not the typical platformer. Things are kind of reversed in that world, so you have to help our little character with a very simple task: to die. The actual size of the game is 11848 bytes and you can check the source code in github. Also you can play the game here What went fineI was able to add sfx and a sort of background noise. My advice is to add the jsfxr.js library since the very beginning so you reserve the almost 3kb for itGraphics were fine and didn't require too much timeI spent a considerable amount of time thinking about the concept and I feel pleased with the result.The particles system and the tainted walls gave a nice (and gore) looking to the gameI could reuse code from the last year compo so I saved some time there (mostly input and camera) What went not so fineThe particles system had an impact on performance (despite my efforts to avoid it)Collisions were a pain in the ass. I spent a lot time trying to make them right but I just could fix them (and avoid a total disaster)I couldn't dedicate as much time as I wanted since the start of the compo so I had to rush the last couple of days and couldn't polish as much as I'd likedI'd like to read your comments about the game.
  13. Hi guys, Check out my little demo! It was written for the js13k compo, and quite coincidentally the code isn't pretty (but still available online, FWIW). Everything is mostly procedural, apart from the player character and levels, which are hardcoded. In case you're brave (or bored) enough to actually read the messy source code, the only interesting-ish part there is the collision detection. It works by building a parallelogram from character's current position to the next (projected) position, and then intersects that parallelogram (instead of the hitbox) with the floor. This basically means that no matter how far the character goes between frames (given a very high speed, a very low framerate, or both), it will never fall through the floor. Please tell me what you think.
  14. Heya all! It's been a while since my last post here, but here it goes... Let me present you my entry for this year's js13kGames competition - Captain Reverso: The missing truckers Link to the entry: http://js13kgames.com/entries/captain-reverso Plot You're a truck driver named Bob, who wakes up one day with a huge hangover, realizing that for some mysterious reason all other truckers disappeared... That's how Captain Reverso is born! This year's competition theme was Reversed and flawless reversing is Captain Reverso's super power! Your quest is to park all the trailers on time and safe the world from complete chaos. Controls wasd / arrows - drive / menu navigationspace / enter - attach/detach trailer / menu clickescape - pause gameNotes Use Chrome or Safari for the best user experience. The game also runs Firefox (crap performance) and IE11 (no sound). Screenshots The final build size is 13.311 bytes. The game itself is quite difficult at the beginning so take your time in the tutorial level to practice. I'm planning to write a longer post-mortem after the results so stay tuned! Hope you enjoy that
  15. I am happy to present a js13k reversed version of my latest&first android game - Squared Lines js13k reversed. It was written in canvas with no libs/engines in 2 days. I do not know how does it work, but I think it is quite enjoyable, especially after level 25. I had no time to add animations/sound. Game/Github/Twitter links: http://js13kgames.com/entries/squared-lines-js13k-reversed Original version has been written in HTML5/Angular JS/DOM/CSS and uses cordova/crosswalk. I think I might write a larger post about it, as the configuration was quite mad. Its webpage is: www.squaredlines.com.
  16. I had a go at js13k this year with R3V3RS3 IT, a webgl game in 10Kb (not 13 because I ran out of time before running out of space). I wanted to have some fun while doing some research for our upcoming projects. Regardless of the outcome of the competition, it's been a success because: I had lots of fun I learned some new stuffIn R3V3RS3 IT you chase balls of light in a precedurally-generated 3D landscape, while reconstructing a cheerful chiptune in reverse order. Typing this I realize it does sound a bit weird Best in Chrome (with voice synthesis!), but it does work in Firefox too. It's possible you need a decent graphics card, I haven't tried it on low-end hardware. I thought I'd post some links to some of the algorithms and techniques I've used, in case people are interested: Perlin noiseToroidal unwrapping of 3D noiseProcedural drum sounds with WebAudioOffline Audio ContextsBlinn-Phong shadingDerivative MapsPrecomputed derivative mapsA lot of other stuff, I just came up with it. Code is on GitHub.
  17. http://js13kgames.com/entries/regravy Source: https://github.com/avdeev-andrew/js13kgame2015 It's my first javascript game. Works fine on widescreen devices. Was tested only in Chrome and mobile Chrome.
  18. http://js13kgames.com/entries/juan-vs-the-trump Source: https://github.com/spmurrayzzz/JuanVsTheTrump This was a lot of fun to make. I originally had intended it to be playable on mobile and desktop, using the DeviceOrientation events for moving the player, but mobile Safari rendering bugs turned out to be an absolute nightmare to deal with while keeping the 13kb limit restriction.
  19. Shapes Love Numbers a js13k entry PLAY Hello, I would like to share with you a game I made for js13k compo. Game is almost done, so I would love to gather some feedback before I will submit it. Here are some topics that I would love to hear about: Did you find tutorial useful and not annoying? Did learning other game rules (not included in tutorial) through gameplay was okay? Is game fair? And of course if you score above 'awesome', post it here or on twitter (@kmisiowi), so maybe I will adjust new score range for level. Hope you enjoy it. PS Vote button doesn't do anything yet, after i submit the game it will link to js13k webpage.
  20. I have been working on this 13K game for a couple of weeks - would really like to see some feedback on the look and graphics At the moment only the first two levels exist.
  21. Hello fellow devs, Please check my js13k entry out: Element Puzzle. You will need to collect fire, earth, water and air tokens to change the element's form and solve some interesting puzzles. The js13k entry. You can also play the game here. I've made a short gameplay video too.
  22. Hello everyone! Just joined the nice community here, and wanted to show off my JS13k game to anyone interested! http://js13kgames.com/entries/compact-conflict It's a Risk-like strategy game with simple rules and hard to master gameplay. Single- and multi-player, works on most modern browsers and tablets I could get my hands on. Any feedback appreciated! Obligatory screenshot: If you're interested, I also wrote an in-depth blog post about the AI implementation for the game, which turned out to be a challenging thing to do inside a few weeks of development: http://wasyl.eu/game-design/2014/09/18/competent-ais-in-a-few-bytes.html
  23. The third edition of the js13kGames competition will start in a month on August 13th, so I wanted to create a topic for everything related to the compo. I'll start announcing the judges and prizes soon and if you have any questions feel free to ask them here. You have a month to create HTML5 game that fits into 13 kilobytes limit, see the Rules for details, forum topic from 2013, games from 2012 and games from 2013 for reference. Follow @js13kGames on Twitter for all the news and announcements about the competition. If you want to sponsor the compo or offer prizes please get in touch. So, who's going to participate?
  24. Hi! I want to share with you the game I made for the js13k competition: It's a platfomer inspired in Atari Graphics and gameplay from beatemup snes games. It contains 6 Levels and 7 different bosses This is my entry: http://js13kgames.com/entries/vier-wizard-wars I hope you like it!
  25. I've created a game for js13kgames. It's the first time I take part, and I would like to know your opinion about the game :-) I will probably make some more improvements to the game. The name of the game is spinElements. The game is pretty simple, but I think it is fun. What do you think? Play: http://bolorsociedad.github.io/spinElements/
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