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Found 4 results

  1. Hi i just finish a mini game with the idea come from compass. 360 Degree Spinning Shooter Space Game A Game that you need to move your whole body to play. New Type of Casual Mini Game. A shooter game with spinning 360 degree. *** WARNING *** - Not for pregnant woman and lazy people. - You could get throw up after some game. HOW TO PLAY Hold your phone flat in the palm of your hand Spin around while holding your phone in your hand to change direction of space ship Tap screen to fire the object TAP and HOLD to rapid fire when too many object appear. FEATURES. Number of object to show up will increase randomly. Fire rate decrease along with number object show up. Bullet, Object speed increase after every time destroy object. Spin your body all around. Some difference type of object. Some difference background. Best Score Shop to buy new ship Collect Star If you got any suggest. Please contact me. Download iOS : Download Android : Demo Game Play without interact with the body move ScreenShot. I could not attack files for some reason.
  2. This is my new game for HTML5, Windows and Android. Enjoy it! HTML5: One Night to Survive Screenshot:
  3. I am learning to use this engine, but compared to some methods I've seen online, for example Phaser.js. not managed to create a method that can make my player shoot. This is my class and my method. game.createClass('Shoot', { init: function(x, y){ this.disparo = new game.Sprite('shoot.png'); this.bodyDisparo = new game.Body({ position:{ x: x + this.disparo.width, y:y } }); var circulo = new game.Rectangle(this.disparo.width, this.disparo.height); this.bodyDisparo.addShape(circulo); game.scene.objectContainer.addChild(this.disparo);; game.scene.addObject(this); }, shot: function(){ this.bodyDisparo.velocity.x = 260; }, update: function() { this.disparo.position.x = this.bodyDisparo.position.x; this.disparo.position.y = this.bodyDisparo.position.y; } }); Not if well implemented this code I wrote. I'm learning to program games in html5.
  4. Here is our entry for Ludum Dare 28! It's our first game jam and it was so cool! The game was made with the Construct 2 engine. PLAY IT HERE! Link on Ludum Dare: