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Found 4 results

  1. Sup guys, I'm back and once again working on my side project now that school is out. I recently rewrote some of my server sided code, specifically the pieces that handle anti-cheat. One problem I ran into is my anti speed hack mechanism. Prior to my rewrite (which was more of a cleanup) the way I handled movement on the server was I allowed the client to move however it liked. It would then send its new position (after ever frame) to the server. The server would then check to see how far the client moved (based on its last position which is saved on the server) and made sure that the client didn't move more than a certain amount of pixels each frame. If it moved legally, then it's "last" position would be updated with the new position the client provided and the client legitimately moved. If it moved too fast, the clients old position is kept as its server position, ensuring that sure the client isn't speed hacking (at least on the server side, can't stop the client from moving anywhere really). Anyway, that's how the system works, and it works great, until I ran into the problem of different frame rates (at least I think that's what's causing the issue). After the rewrite of this system, clients are moving too fast to the server, and I think it could be because of slower fps'? Like Ill move right, but now instead of moving say 5 pixels per frame like the pre-rewrite code would detect, im getting 6, and 8 and 15 and other higher random numbers, as if the server was missing some calls. Regardless of the cause, I was wondering, how do people usually handle movement on servers. Am I going about this correctly? Any suggestions? What other ways can I verify a player isn't teleportating or speed hacking? Thanks.
  2. Hi ! I have to create a room in babylon js. I have used 4 plane for the walls and a ground for the ground. With that, we can see all the time on the room because some side are visible and some not. I would like to know if we can do that with some other mesh like ligne. I have to do a grid on the wall and the ground. Tkanks !
  3. Hi, Im trying to detect collision in p2 from one side (like jumping on top of something) its easy with arcade phisics, but p2 don't have such option, i think. So is there any way to implement this? if not than I was thinking about sticking another invisible body to a side of object and detect collision with that second object instead. But I dont know how to stick other object to first one and I've experimented with RevoluteConstraint to do it but it;s not what I intended. my code: var constraint = game.physics.p2.createRevoluteConstraint(arrow, [20, 5.5 ], arrowTop, [5.5,5.5]); constraint.collideConnected=false; constraint.setStiffness(600); constraint.update();but it behave like two objects on elastic rope so sometimes arrowTop if closer to arrow and sometimes its further . even if I set more stiffness it's bouncing. Is there way to stick two bodies like on glue instead of rope ?
  4. I want save data, like level no, score and game progress. Can we do this with phaser js?
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