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Found 15 results

  1. Very recent game I developed. The AI is quite weak since the game is for 7+ year-old children. Enjoy http://avengers.marvelkids.com/games/avengers-tactics
  2. Hello I made a game by phaser 2. Ragnarok Triple Triad is a strategy game design base on Triple Triad : a card game originating from Final Fantasy VIII Ragnarok Online : massive multiplayer online role-playing game Game Play Ragnarok Triple Triad is played on a three-by-three (3x3) square grid of blank spaces where monsters will be placed as the game progresses Each monster has lv, hp numbers placed in top, bottom; Monsters can have elemental alignments that affect the gameplay if there are elemental icons on the game board. FEATURES - Reset Game. You could start the game from the start at any time you want. - Upgrade Monster. You could obtain stronger monster by exchange numbers of low lv monsters - PVP : Working on. The Design is on working so it's a little off. Website Demo Link : http://cbr-game.com/tripletriad/index.html This game purpose design to play in mobile so it's rotate 90 degree You should play it in your mobile with lock enable. You could try it here. Android link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ragnarok.trtr Demo Play Link Some Images. Having any problems? Any suggestions? I would love to hear from you! Please contact me: [email protected]
  3. Hi, I'm so happy to introduce you BIOK! BRIEF DESCRIPTION BIOK is pure strategy and intuition. A board game for the ingenious and the acute minds. Lead the creatures on the playing field to capture monsters and all kinds of items. Watch the monsters’ eyes and guide them to their preys. KEY FEATURES - Simple controls and fluid mechanics, super simple to understand and fun to use - 60 levels in many worlds with various maps - 10 creatures with different characteristics and abilities - Bonus and survival mode to solve puzzles and challenges - Special objects and environmental elements - Secondary missions and hidden objectives iOS - AVAILABLE Get BIOK from the Apple App Store ANDROID/WINDOWS - BETA You can access the beta: BETA ACCESS (remember to use your google account) MORE ABOUT BIOK You can read more about on the official BIOK game page. FOLLOW US Send us any commend and advice. Help us to make a better game. Facebook | Twitter | Web
  4. Hey! We released our new game that was in development for some time now. Find the way is a puzzle board game with moving obstacles. Android version is released today. You can check it out here (Free download ) : http://bit.ly/2c0g2E6 I uploaded a few screenshots here to get the general idea. You can find intro video and full descrption in the link above. iOS version is in development and is coming soon Enjoy, Matija
  5. Hi! We are working on a puzzle board game called Find the way . It is made for mobile devices. Release date is close so we wanted to give you a heads-up. You can see the intro video here : Feel free to comment and share Thank You!
  6. Hi All, My name is Kousha Nejad and I'm a Software engineer designing software algorithms; Recently I have designed some logic puzzles but I don't have the experience and knowledge to make a nice UI and make it appealing to the users; Anyone interested to help me out? at this point I'm pretty flexible; I can pay you to develop it for me or we can do profit sharing; Here's a sample game I created: https://www.parspicks.com/# Looking forward to hearing back from you, -Kousha Nejad
  7. The link http://www.askforgametask.com/mobile/games/matchsticks/ Description Matchsticks: Endless Digit Hunter is an HTML5 one-button matchstick (aka toothpick) puzzle/logic game in which your goal is to rearrange all given math equations and make them true by moving just one match. The game can be played on 4 different levels of difficulty: Normal - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 9. Medium - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 19. Hard - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 49. Insane - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 99. On each level there are 5 faulty math equations which must be corrected as fast as possible! All equations are procedurally generated so the levels are always different. To make the given equation true, tap on a match and move it to the right place. For each bad move you get a penatly of 10 seconds! The game can help you to improve your math skills. You can run it on your desktop or mobile browser. Screenshots
  8. Hi, I'm making a chess prototype. I'm having trouble with overlap. To make it simple, first I wanted to display a board and a pawn outside the board. The pawn is drag able. I wanted to achieve something like this: if the pawn is dragged on (so in other words if it overlaps) tile number 1 it will stay on this position, if not it will go back to the original position. It kinda works. But the problem is it accepts also the position slightly outside of a tile. How can I make this work properly? Also how (in elegant way) can I put the pawn into the center of the tile when the pawn overlaps the tile. Code snippet: onDraggingStart = (sprite: Phaser.Sprite, pointer: Phaser.Pointer) => { this.game.canvas.style.cursor = "grabbing"; this.savePosition(); }onDraggingStop = (sprite: Phaser.Sprite, pointer: Phaser.Pointer) => { this.game.canvas.style.cursor = "grab"; if (!this.checkOverlap(sprite, this.board.children[0])) { this.position.x = this.positionX; // it does not overlap -> go back to the original x this.position.y = this.positionY; // go back to the original y } }// the problem is with this functioncheckOverlap = (spriteA, spriteB) => { var boundsA = spriteA.getBounds(); var boundsB = spriteB.getBounds(); return Phaser.Rectangle.intersects(boundsA, boundsB);}Here is the screen shot of the original position: http://imgur.com/3pppLjC And accepted (but wrong) position: http://imgur.com/SL0PyZ0 EDIT: OK, I found how can i center the sprite after release. It can be done by this line of code: this.input.enableSnap(64, 64, false, true, 7.5, 5);But still, I'm looking for an answer how to get more precise overlap. How can I accept changing position only if whole pawn is released inside the tile, not just piece of it?
  9. Hello, I just discovered phaser. For my first test project I wanted to create some kind of 2d chess game. To make it simple, for my first task i decided to display board and a pawn. And assign to this pawn moving rules. As you all probably know pawns move forward by 1 tile and on their first move they may advance by 2 squares. I managed to display sprites representing board and a pawn. I've enabled dragging to pawn sprite and I'm stuck. Now in my application you can drag the pawn and drop it anywhere, even outside the board. I need any advice/hint how can I force the pawn to go back to previous position if the user drop it on wrong square. I didn't found any examples on this forum or on the front page, how can I achieve that. Can you help a little?
  10. This board game is available online: http://othellogame.net/revello My focus was on the computer AI. This game has five computer opponents and the champions mode is very powerful, but it's responding fast without making long calculations for the next move! Actually I wanted to develop this game for iOS only, but then I discovered the JavaScriptCore Library by Apple. I was exited, because my JavaScript code in this project works a lot faster than other Othello engines written in C. And the best of all: it can also be used for other platforms! This game is also optimized for mobile devices and I tried my best to create a polished design.
  11. Howdy everyone My name is Anton Matrosov, I'm a game developer operating under recently formed Red Spark brand. I'm looking for a game designer proficient in board games to help me with creating an original, simple and engaging multiplayer board game intended to be played in mobile and desktop browsers, as well as a native mobile app. I'm more of arcade / action / adventure / war game person myself, so after a few failed attempts and boring, random and shallow prototypes of my own I've decided to outsource this part to somebody who really loves this type of games and is capable of designing something interesting on their own. Project constraints: 1v1 gameOnline multiplayer, shared screen multiplayer, singleplayer against AISmall board, preferably without scrolling / zooming - for example, simple 5x6 grid, etc.Easy to pick up gameplay, basic rules can be illustrated by a couple of doodlesBasic player actions: clicking, dragging, swipingStrategic emergent gameplay resulting from a few basic actions and rulesFun, rewarding experience for both players, room for surprises and unexpected comebacksPlayer or his tokens can progress / level up only inside particular play sessionNo physics-based gameplay of any kind (but animations are ok)Not too heavy on art, characters and animations. Keep it simple, but engaging enoughOriginal gameplay, no multiplayer 2048 and bejeweled clonesDeadlines: playable alpha approximately by February, finished game in March.Collaboration details: You pitch me a few ideas in a very basic formIf I find your idea compelling I create a basic prototype in a few days and we test it together in multiplayerIf core gameplay turns out to be boring, the prototype is tossed away and collaboration on this idea ends hereIf core gameplay seems to be promising we start collaboratingBased on further playtests you're refining gameplayBased on your refinements I'm iterating the gameYou're responsible only for gameplay mechanics and rapid playtestingI'm responsible for art, code, ui, working multiplayer, playtesting and musicThe game is intended to be sold as exclusive for one of the major html5 publishersYou receive 25% of all revenue after any fees and publisher cuts (if any)My recent project: Re:Z (available for non-exclusive licensing right now): If you're interested in collaborating on these terms, feel free to drop me a PM or email me to hello [at] redsparkzone.com! I'll probably wait at least a week before making any decisions so please welcome. Also, please do not send complex design documents - only basic rough ideas with a few typical gameplay scenarios at most. Cheers, Anton
  12. Hi all, I'd like to show my android game made using HTML5. This game is for football lovers to test your knowledge about World Cup 2014 and football. you have to guess the word based on given clue. You will get a score each level based on how fast you guess the word, how many times you made a mistake, and in what level you are.The game is created using HTML5 and wrapped in phonegap. (plain javascript and DOM. no canvas). If you have any feedback or comment, please Let us know what you think :-) Google play url : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bayubayu.worldcup2014hangman Screenshots: Thank you
  13. I made a little HTML5 game. It's a randomly generated turn-based puzzle game about surviving the attack of killer robots. There's a randomly gneerated board where you'll see a man and some robots. You can move the man to any of the squares near him. Clicking on the man will dangerously teleport him to a random location. Teleporting may cause instant dead, so be careful with that. You can't attack the robots directly, but you can make the robots crash into each other. You win by making all the robots die. You lose if a robot gets to the square the man is in. Once you clean a level you move to a next level, where you'll fight one more robot than before. Eventually you will die. Note: Sometimes the game doesn't fully load the first time. Reloading the page usually works.
  14. Here is the current situation of the game. http://free-okeywarp.rhcloud.com It's partly playable, 4 players needed to join the same room to start the game. Then cards (stones) dealed. Just drag drop things around. ps: wait a little time to load the assets after joining a room. It's built with javascript on client side, using easeljs for canvas manipulation. Java on server side. using appwarp2 backend. gonna deploy soon
  15. Black N' White is a strategy game which is inspired by the game of go. The goal is to surround your rival. http://owlora.com/games/blacknwhite/
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