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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there! This week we want to share about our newest games, Elevator Miner! Elevator Miner is an arcade/action games where you must control the elevator on the right/left side of the screen to move the digger, and dig all the treasure while avoiding all the obstacle. If you're using desktop, you can use W/S to move the left elevator and UP/DOWN Arrow to move the right elevator. Of course on mobile you can just drag the elevator with both of your finger. Link: http://j.mp/elevatorminer Hope you enjoy it! Do let me know if you have any feedback/problem
  2. Hi all! This week we want to share our special project in collaboration with Lazcht, Dog n' Doge! Dog n' Doge (loosely related to Doge meme fyi) is a symmetrical puzzle games where player need to move two dog brothers to eat all the food in the field. The catch is, you can only move one dog at a time, and the other brothers is always move in reverse. Nothing more fun than to feed two reverse dog while avoiding spike on the road, right? Just for the info, you can get all three star ratings on all level. Can you get all of them? Link: http://j.mp/dogndoge Feedback is always appreciated. Have fun playing it! PS: Check Lazcht thread on http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/5952-2d-art-gui-artist-for-hire/ I can't recommend him enough. Check it out!
  3. Hi all! Our latest games is coming this week, Homerun Champion! Homerun Champion is a simple timing based games, about batting stand off between two baseball team to see which one can score the most homerun! For this games, rather than monster, rocket, or robot, we actually looking for alternative inspiration in real life (in this case, sport/baseball). We want to know what is the most interesting/fun aspect of baseball, and we found that it's either the batting or running part. To keep this games small in scope, we decide to focus on the batting battle and build a game around it Link: http://j.mp/homerunchampion Hope you enjoy it! Do let me know if you have problem or feedback!
  4. Hi there! This week we want to share with you one of the earlier games that we developed, Snacky Line! Snacky Line is a cute little connecting games where you must connect two object of the same type quickly to get higher combo and score. Far away objects can be connected as long as there are no other object between them. For such a short games, we do learn a lot about Phaser when making this Link: http://j.mp/snackyline Hope you like this simple games! As usual, do let me know if you have feedback or problem
  5. Hi there! Like usual, we want to share about our newest games here, Gattai!!! Gattai!!! is our take on Threes concept. It's a puzzle games where player must combine the same type of Mecha to level it up, and launch it by double click/tap based on the target on the top screen. Just a trivia, Gattai come from Japanese language that means 'union/combine', and often used on anime where several vehicles/robots must combine to form an even greater/powerful robot Link: http://j.mp/gattaii Hope you enjoy it! Do let me know if you have any feedback/problem with the games
  6. Hi there! This week we want to show you our latest games, Master of Arms: Sword, Staff, Spear Master of Arms: Sword, Staff, Spear (let's just call it MoA ) is a frantic, quick-reaction, rock-paper-scissors type of games where you must quickly defeat enemy by choosing the correct weapons. Wrong moves, and it will spell defeat for you. It contain 6 enemy types to beat, 18 levels to clear, and highscore for each level. Can you master your arms? Kudos to my partner Novpixel (for design) and Anto (for music) as always! Link: http://j.mp/swordspearstaff Hope you have fun playing it! Have problem or feedback? Don't hesitate to tell me!
  7. Hi there! This week we want to share with you an educational HTML5 games, Sagemath! Sagemath is a math-arcade games where user must use correct wand (math operator) to combine Hero and Monster number, to defeat the enemies. We try to take a different route when coming up with the idea of new games, and try to make a quick & simple defense games using math mechanism. Play it on mobile browser for fun parallax effect Link: http://j.mp/sagemath Alternate Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/47459072/sagemath/index.html Hope you enjoy this little brain teaser! Do let me know if you have any problem or feedback
  8. Hi folks! Another week, another new HTML5 games from me, Vivirus! Vivirus is a simple arcade/chain-reaction type of games where you must eat all the virus that invade your body. Tap at the correct moment to eat virus in your radius, and continue to do so until all the virus is eaten. Different virus has different influence on your eating radius and speed, so choose carefully who you will eat next. Link: j.mp/vivrus Alternate Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/47459072/vivirus/index.html If you have any problem or feedback, do let me know! I will really appreciate it!
  9. Hi there, just want to share my HTML5 games, Louie's Dog. Although this is my first time posting here, this is not my first HTML5 games. Maybe I can share the other games here later. Louie's Dog is a grid sliding puzzle games where you must reunite Louie and his missing white dog. Beware though, there are other special tile to consider, and Angry Dog & Animal Control Officer to avoid. You can also find hidden gold bones under the ground to increase your completion rating. There are no timer or score here, so just sit back, relax, and solve all the level with all the time in the world Link: j.mp/louiedog Alternate Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/47459072/louiesdog/index.html If you have problem playing the games, do let me know. Any feedback will be appreciated!
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