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Found 13 results

  1. New game AnimalsAirFight. Made it in 3-4 days, however without any social contact in that time. What do you think? Destroy it! As I need to fail faster. Play it here: AnimalsAirFight
  2. Kitty Pot Cracker High Score is out now on Google Play! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cidadeartproductions.kpchighscore
  3. Hi there, Just want to let you know that we have released our latest mobile games, Siege, on Google Play! Check it out here: http://j.mp/tempasiege A gameboy-inspired retro arcade games, you are challenged to survive as long as you can from the Gargantua attack while retaliate! Can you survive this immortal monster attack? This game built with love using Phaser JS, and packaged using Cocoon JS Do let me know what you think! If you have any feedback/encounter bug, just let me know here! Thanks!
  4. Hello phaser community! I am new hear but i studied phaser framework for about a week now. my idea is to create a games portal where players can login and play different kinds of games and leader board must be maintained for each game. my requirement is to create a common profiling system so players can play and submit scores for all games from a single login. i am new to web technologies also so please someone guide me how i should approach this requirement . what should be my main concerns when creating the profiling system? Thank you
  5. HI everyone ! i'm pleased to post here my first Phaser game. The gameplay is based on the well known board game 'Memory' , engaging the player in a challenging task to memorise european parliament members' faces and names . For arbitray reasons , the parliament pool is restricted to France , but further extensions are planned. hope you'll enjoy it and if not you can still enjoy the bossa nova music background. The code is available in credits , critics are welcomes. http://www.alexandrecormier.be/games/EPM/index.html
  6. Hi everyone, PLAY [fullscreen, any device] I would like to present new game from our team - Jimbo Jump. It is highscore html5 game inspired by "Jump Car" from Ketchapp. Game was developed with Phaser 2.3. Special thanks for adding "padding" feature to render texts Please enjoy the game and let us know what you think! And game is available for licensing. If you are interested please contact us.
  7. Does anyone know anyways to implement a leaderboard?
  8. Hi there! This week we want to share with you one of the earlier games that we developed, Snacky Line! Snacky Line is a cute little connecting games where you must connect two object of the same type quickly to get higher combo and score. Far away objects can be connected as long as there are no other object between them. For such a short games, we do learn a lot about Phaser when making this Link: http://j.mp/snackyline Hope you like this simple games! As usual, do let me know if you have feedback or problem
  9. Hi there! This week we want to show you our latest games, Master of Arms: Sword, Staff, Spear Master of Arms: Sword, Staff, Spear (let's just call it MoA ) is a frantic, quick-reaction, rock-paper-scissors type of games where you must quickly defeat enemy by choosing the correct weapons. Wrong moves, and it will spell defeat for you. It contain 6 enemy types to beat, 18 levels to clear, and highscore for each level. Can you master your arms? Kudos to my partner Novpixel (for design) and Anto (for music) as always! Link: http://j.mp/swordspearstaff Hope you have fun playing it! Have problem or feedback? Don't hesitate to tell me!
  10. Teun28


    Puzco is an addictive puzzle game where you have to think before doing something. The game starts easy and end up hard. You can play Puzco on your pc, and you can play it on mobile! Controls on desktop: WASD or the arrow buttons to move Shift to select a player. Music is from www.looperman.com by mrDMan Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/258450248/puzzle/index.html
  11. Hi all, NeoBird already produced some HTML-5 games exclusively for a major publisher. We also have a more complex HTML-5 game in the works (signed by a another publisher as well). With Monster Smack we are aiming to sell/license this one on our own. Here is the tagline: "With cool grafics, one-tap Arcade-style gameplay and lot´s of „Meow“, Monster Smack is going to keep your audience engaged and your ads deliverd." I will spare you the rest of the marketing-ballyhoo, the game itself is fairly self-explanatory Please play Monster Smack and throw in your feedback! As you all know: Encouraging the dev team is priceless. The game rests on our dev-server: http://staging.neobird.de/demo/monstersmack State of completion is 80% with iOS and PC already in good shape (please play those), Android is still in the works. In case you are looking for addtional game-information please go to: http://de.slideshare.net/NeoBird_Germany/neobird-monster-smackhtml5 If you would like to know who those NeoBirds are please go here: http://de.slideshare.net/NeoBird_Germany/neobird-developer-profile-2014 And finally: Those interested in licensing Monster Smack please turn to me directly. Even though it carries "Monster" in it´s title the pricing is fairly reasonable ;-) Best regards from Nuremberg / Germany Florian [email protected] Skype: florian.brich www.neobird.de
  12. Kolba

    Ninja Star

    Hiya, Feedback is sought! I finished my first html5 game aimed at touch devices specifically, Ninja Star. Whilst it does work on desktops too, it is simply more fun to launch deadly ninja stars with a quick tap or swipe of the finger! Ninja Star aimes for a retro arcade-action experience. The player (ninja) must protect three villages from incresingly dangerous waves of marauders. The marauders behave differently depending on their colour, some posing more of a threat than others, and some even fighting back! Ninja Star features bonus stages, score multipliers for killing multiple enemies at once, and special super weapons for the screen-clearing mass destruction of evil bandits. Play it here: http://www.skylinesublime.com/games/ninja
  13. Saloon Madness http://www.antpixel.com/saloon Because Pablo's Bar famous for its homemade beer, the bar owned by pablo always full of visitors, please help Pablo run the business. Control: click to move and click again to distribute the beer. do not forget to take the empty glass.when customers do not get the beer, the game is over This is my first HTML5 game.This game was released on December 2012.Feedback are also most welcome
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