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Found 7 results

  1. Hey, what's up? I am just starting with Phaser. I have background in PHP and jQuery, but I am no artist really. I am thinking of hiring a real artist if my proof of concept fares well among my friends, but for now, is there a simplistic tool that could get me started with drawing maps. I am thinking of just putting up state that draws the current town-map, and the player can click on buildings to enter them (shops, home/base, and houses with NPCs). Maybe something like drag and drop sprites like mountains and trees? Thanks for help. I am loving Phaser. To be honest, making games seems much simpler than I first thought it would be. I was starting to download Unreal Engine and Blender and whatnot. Pfft. Phaser is pretty cool.
  2. Hello everyone, I've been working on a game inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic and Final Fantasy-esque and I wanted to turn it into a browser game. Everything's been going well until I hit a bump in the road. I thought it would have been smart and easier to put all the sprites of the creatures in an array but doing so only let me use one sprite at a time so if the fight was between 4 Halberdiers and 4 Skeletons then they would on both sides only have 1 sprite. The stats for all the creatures are in a database and so far worked fine. var chosensprite =[]; chosensprite[1]=game.add.sprite(-100 ,-100 , 'skeleton'); chosensprite[2]=game.add.sprite(-100 ,-100 , 'halberdier'); This is what I used as an array. I tried to hardcode all the characters but doing so only created more of a clustermess which doesn't seem good to work with. // The playerunit1 and its settings playerunit1 = game.add.sprite(32+32, game.world.height/numcreaturesplayer*0+64, 'halberdier'); playerunit1.kill(); playerunit2 = game.add.sprite(32+32, game.world.height/numcreaturesplayer*1+64, 'halberdier'); playerunit2.kill(); playerunit3 = game.add.sprite(32+32, game.world.height/numcreaturesplayer*2+64, 'halberdier'); playerunit3.kill(); playerunit4 = game.add.sprite(32+32, game.world.height/numcreaturesplayer*3+64, 'halberdier'); playerunit4.kill(); enemyunit1 = game.add.sprite(game.world.width - 128-32, game.world.height/numcreaturesenemy*0+64, 'skeleton'); enemyunit1.kill(); enemyunit2 = game.add.sprite(game.world.width - 128-32, game.world.height/numcreaturesenemy*1+64, 'skeleton'); enemyunit2.kill(); enemyunit3 = game.add.sprite(game.world.width - 128-32, game.world.height/numcreaturesenemy*2+64, 'skeleton'); enemyunit3.kill(); enemyunit4 = game.add.sprite(game.world.width - 128-32, game.world.height/numcreaturesenemy*3+64, 'skeleton'); enemyunit4.kill(); selector = game.add.sprite(0,0, 'mselector'); /* playerunit1bolt = game.add.image(playerunit1.x+800, playerunit1.y+16, 'star'); enemyunit1bolt = game.add.image(enemyunit1.x+800, enemyunit1.y+86, 'star'); */ for (var i=0;creaturestats[i];) { playerunit1.unittype= 2; if (playerunit1.unittype == creaturestats[i]['unittype']) { if (playerunit1.unittype = 2){ playerunit1 = game.add.sprite(32+32, game.world.height/numcreaturesplayer*0+64, 'halberdier'); } //playerunit1 = chosensprite[playerunit1.unittype];playerunit1.x=64;playerunit1.y=64; playerunit1.damage=creaturestats[i]['damage']; playerunit1.healthblock=creaturestats[i]['healthblock']; playerunit1.units=creaturestats[i]['unitamount']; playerunit1.defense=creaturestats[i]['defense']; playerunit1.damagetype=creaturestats[i]['damagetype']; playerunit1.attacktype=creaturestats[i]['attacktype']; } playerunit2.unittype= 1; if (playerunit2.unittype == creaturestats[i]['unittype']) { if (playerunit2.unittype = 1){ game.add.sprite(32+32, game.world.height/numcreaturesplayer*1+64, 'skeleton'); } //playerunit2 = chosensprite[playerunit2.unittype];playerunit2.x=128;playerunit2.y=128; playerunit2.damage=creaturestats[i]['damage']; playerunit2.healthblock=creaturestats[i]['healthblock']; playerunit2.units=creaturestats[i]['unitamount']; playerunit2.defense=creaturestats[i]['defense']; playerunit2.damagetype=creaturestats[i]['damagetype']; playerunit2.attacktype=creaturestats[i]['attacktype']; } playerunit3.unittype= 1; if (playerunit3.unittype == creaturestats[i]['unittype']) { if (playerunit3.unittype = 1){ game.add.sprite(32+32, game.world.height/numcreaturesplayer*2+64, 'skeleton'); } //playerunit3 = chosensprite[playerunit3.unittype];playerunit3.x=500;playerunit3.y=200; playerunit3.damage=creaturestats[i]['damage']; playerunit3.healthblock=creaturestats[i]['healthblock']; playerunit3.units=creaturestats[i]['unitamount']; playerunit3.defense=creaturestats[i]['defense']; playerunit3.damagetype=creaturestats[i]['damagetype']; playerunit3.attacktype=creaturestats[i]['attacktype']; } playerunit4.unittype= 2; if (playerunit4.unittype == creaturestats[i]['unittype']) { if (playerunit4.unittype = 2){ game.add.sprite(32+32, game.world.height/numcreaturesplayer*3+64, 'halberdier'); } //playerunit4 = chosensprite[playerunit4.unittype];playerunit4.x=300;playerunit4.y=20; playerunit4.damage=creaturestats[i]['damage']; playerunit4.healthblock=creaturestats[i]['healthblock']; playerunit4.units=creaturestats[i]['unitamount']; playerunit4.defense=creaturestats[i]['defense']; playerunit4.damagetype=creaturestats[i]['damagetype']; playerunit4.attacktype=creaturestats[i]['attacktype']; } enemyunit1.unittype= 2; if (enemyunit1.unittype == creaturestats[i]['unittype']) { if (enemyunit1.unittype = 2){ game.add.sprite(game.world.width - 128-32, game.world.height/numcreaturesenemy*0+64, 'halberdier'); } enemyunit1.damage=creaturestats[i]['damage']; enemyunit1.healthblock=creaturestats[i]['healthblock']; enemyunit1.units=creaturestats[i]['unitamount']; enemyunit1.defense=creaturestats[i]['defense']; enemyunit1.damagetype=creaturestats[i]['damagetype']; enemyunit1.attacktype=creaturestats[i]['attacktype']; } enemyunit2.unittype= 2; if (enemyunit2.unittype == creaturestats[i]['unittype']) { if (enemyunit2.unittype = 2){ game.add.sprite(game.world.width - 128-32, game.world.height/numcreaturesenemy*1+64, 'halberdier'); } enemyunit2.damage=creaturestats[i]['damage']; enemyunit2.healthblock=creaturestats[i]['healthblock']; enemyunit2.units=creaturestats[i]['unitamount']; enemyunit2.defense=creaturestats[i]['defense']; enemyunit2.damagetype=creaturestats[i]['damagetype']; enemyunit2.attacktype=creaturestats[i]['attacktype']; } enemyunit3.unittype= 2; if (enemyunit3.unittype == creaturestats[i]['unittype']) { if (enemyunit3.unittype = 2){ game.add.sprite(game.world.width - 128-32, game.world.height/numcreaturesenemy*2+64, 'halberdier'); } enemyunit3.damage=creaturestats[i]['damage']; enemyunit3.healthblock=creaturestats[i]['healthblock']; enemyunit3.units=creaturestats[i]['unitamount']; enemyunit3.defense=creaturestats[i]['defense']; enemyunit3.damagetype=creaturestats[i]['damagetype']; enemyunit3.attacktype=creaturestats[i]['attacktype']; } enemyunit4.unittype= 1; if (enemyunit4.unittype == creaturestats[i]['unittype']) { if (enemyunit4.unittype = 2){ game.add.sprite(game.world.width - 128-32, game.world.height/numcreaturesenemy*3+64, 'skeleton'); } enemyunit4.damage=creaturestats[i]['damage']; enemyunit4.healthblock=creaturestats[i]['healthblock']; enemyunit4.units=creaturestats[i]['unitamount']; enemyunit4.defense=creaturestats[i]['defense']; enemyunit4.damagetype=creaturestats[i]['damagetype']; enemyunit4.attacktype=creaturestats[i]['attacktype']; } i++; } So my question is if there is anyone well known with Phaser and could help me work out the solution with an array, another solution or if they're is no other choice but to hardcode it or work with HTML5 instead of Phaser. Thank you in advance! index.php
  3. Welcome to Quizland Conquest A STRATEGY / TRIVIA GAME, WHERE THE PLAYER NEEDS TO ANSWER TRIVIA QUESTIONS TO PROGRESS AND CAPTURE NEUTRAL OR ENEMY POINTS ON THE MAP. USE YOUR WITS AND DEFEAT UP TO 3 COMPETITIVE A.I OPPONENTS, OR YOUR OWN FRIENDS! Currently it is launched under Envato Codecanyon here: https://codecanyon.net/item/quizland-conquest/19378006 You can play the full game here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/Netgfx/quizland-conquest
  4. Hi everyone, I wanted to share our latest release, Vikings vs Monsters with you. It's a turn based RPG where you control a squad of vikings defending their village against invading monsters. You can find more info and try it out here: http://spottheorangegames.com/html5-games/#VikingsVsMonsters The game is available for non exclusive licensing. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hello, This is the largest game I ever had to code, and enjoyed it all the way. This is the story of a great evil that every few thousand years comes and wrecks havoc on our world. Now its time for you to stop it, or die trying. The gameplay is quite simple, and it features turn-based battles between you and the monsters, you have spells (cards of spells) and simple weapon attacks in your arsenal as well as an ultimate spell that can heal/buff you or attack the enemies. You can play it here Note that the game is still in Beta as it is missing some sounds. Feel free to comment if you come across any bugs or feel that there is something missing. Thanks for playing!
  6. Play online here: http://thecommanderscards.com Uses node, expressjs, mongodb in the backend, and canvas, jquery, soundjs on the front end
  7. I am developing a popular game among turkish people called Okey. Its a Multiplayer Turn based Board Game. It uses Java on server side, and html5 for client side. Currently i am seeking developers to join my team. Game is not playable at the moment, live at: http://free-okeywarp.rhcloud.com/ create 4 players and join to the same room to deal the stones,
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