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Found 5 results

  1. Like all my games for c1ic.mx, this is a one button little archery game, trying too keep the look of the original TINY ARCADE games made in flash PLAY HERE ARCH ARCHER
  2. There is a VECTOR game at https://www.html5pcode.com/a1yvector.htm that was designed to teach the art of coding. It uses structured programming, so it is easy to follow the logic of the design. The game is divided into small self contained pieces. It has a main program and a subprogram. The subprogram has routines that perform specific tasks when they are called by the main program. The game has links to YouTube videos that describe the operation of the main program and the subprogram routines. Once you learn how to design games like this one, you can go on to design your own games in JavaScri
  3. I spent around 4 hours scratching my head and still can't figure this out! If you throw an object in front of you and then move left or right, how can you tell which side you are on? I'm using BabylonJS so it would be super helpful if you could limit the methods used to that library. Otherwise, a clear mathematical question would suffice. Thank you so much!
  4. Check this piece of code I've written in VS: Basically, what I'm trying to accomplish is when the user presses a key (W or S or A or D) the cube that is on the scene smoothly changes its position from its original position (like an animation) to the movementMatrix which is the 2-dimensional array containing the predefined positions for the Cube. Below is the movementMatrix . Of course it does not produce the result I want, mainly because I don't know how this Vector-lerping stuff works So if someone explained how to fix it it would be great!
  5. Dear community I would like to announce new source of free vector (SVG) art scalablegfx.com it is oriented mostly on quality 2D art for games. All vectors are free and unique - painted by scalablegfx community.
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