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Found 3 results

  1. Like all my games for, this is a one button little archery game, trying too keep the look of the original TINY ARCADE games made in flash PLAY HERE ARCH ARCHER
  2. Hi! I am new to phaser. I have a sprite called Ground in the group called Platforms var platforms =;platforms.enableBody = true;var ground = platforms.create(0, - 30, 'ledge');The ground sprite has to be white,I use this line of code for that ground.tint = 0xffffff;I don't know why but it does not work with the color white,it works with any other color but not with white. Thanks for help
  3. Hello, I'm pretty new to Babylon.js (almost a week for now), it was okay until I started to ask more and more of it. I searched for answers a lot, in Google and here, on forums, but no success. So, here's some questions of mine that I can't deal with: [1] How can I set up 32x32 pixels image to stay sharp on some pretty big cube mesh? I found 'noMipmap' parameter for 'BABYLON.Texture', but I don't understand how to use it, what's 'type' thing? I need something like nearest neighbour thing. Any thoughts? [EDIT]: So, 'noMipmap' and 'invertY' both use 'true' or 'false', right? I found Babylon.js documentation here and it says 'type', not 'boolean', I'm confused (maybe I just don't know some simple things). 'noMipmap' works if things getting smaller, but not bigger or it works both ways, but uses exactly 'smooth' thing? [EDIT2]: I've set texture to 512x512 and I feel fine about it for now. "I'm a blurryful!" .[-^o ^ - . .], [2] How to apply texture to chosen side (polygon) of mesh (box) only? As far as I know I can use Blender for that, but is there a thing that I can use while using code only? [EDIT]: I found out that I can use that one (not tried yet though): materialName.reflectionTexture = new BABYLON.CubeTexture("folder/filename", scene);materialName.reflectionTexture.coordinatesMode = BABYLON.Texture.SKYBOX_MODE;// filename_nx.png, filename_ny.png, filename_nz.png, filename_px.png, filename_py.png, filename_pz.png[3] How to get 'lookAt' method be instant instead of slowly rotate meshes to target? [EDIT]: I stopped pulling my hair off and just placed piggy sprite inside of mesh (just copied its position), also applied 1x1 alpha texture to the mesh, at least I've got almost the same result I wanted (mesh has physics). [EDIT2]: Just found .isVisible and set it to false instead of adding materials and set transparent texture for them. Removed '.setPhysicsState' for mesh and calculate stuff like some simple platformer now. Sprite checks its position through '.runRenderLoop' function. "Dusk is getting closer, oink!" [4] Is there any function or method I can use to calculate shadow using texture instead of mesh itself (shadow of sprite)? [5] How can I get rid of white outline around texture which has 'hasAlpha' set to 'true'? [6] Sometimes it takes too long to load textures (about 15s or more), any idea why? [7] How to send physics to sleep when its not used and if it stays calm and touches nothing except floor where it lays for a few? [8] How to tell mesh that has '.setPhysicsState' to check collision with mesh that doesn't has it (not .intersectsMesh though, but to react if first mesh has '.setPhysicsState' as well, while it doesn't)?