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OpenFL-bitfive, alternative HTML5 backend for OpenFL, is now out!


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How do I install the library?


openfl install bitfive doesn't work, and your documentation is probably the most unhelpful thing I've ever seen written in a guide about how to install something. :P



Normally, I'm more patient, but I've found that 60-70% of Haxe documentation is either missing, incomplete, outdated or placeholder so I've simply lost patience after dealing with all of that over the last few days. :)


I've asked the exact same question and was answered in the first page of this thread. Not only that, but since then openfl-bitfive is added to official list of haxelibs ... Be more patient and observant man :)

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Ah, I missed that on the first page.. I just used the haxelib command line and it told me I'd already installed it, so I guess I must have done something right the first time without realizing it!


Looking forward to seeing what this can do, I have noticed that even simple stuff in html5 openfl builds (scrolling the whole screen) tends to lag far more than it should.

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Is it true that OpenFL-bitfive is using Pixi as backend? What version of pixi is being used? Is it now as fast as phaser?

OpenFL-bitfive uses custom software (2d canvas) based rendering algorithms with several purpose-specific optimizations (e.g. BitmapData.copyPixels will clip the imagery if it's only partially visible and will not call drawing subroutines at all if off-screen).

Decision making should depend on goals -

If you are making a web game that isn't in particular need of Flash or compiled native versions, Phaser is definitely a good idea, as it's an "all in one" library optimized for it's use cases (note that there are also Phaser bindings for Haxe).

For porting existing applications from AS3 or developing new ones that may need separate HTML5, Flash (fallback) and native builds, OpenFL (+bitfive) is a valid choice.

Generally OpenFL-centric game frameworks do not work as smoothly due to the need to consider not less than 3 different environments (Flash, HTML5, native), each of which has it's own strong and weak points.

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