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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I have built a mini games app in Adobe Air (in iOS and Android). It features lots of swf animations and lots of games. Now since the future of Adobe Air is circumspect. I want to hedge my bets by rebuilding the games in another platform which has a better future outlook. I had a few questions: 1) Which platform is better for building an app- OpenFL or Phaser ? I found OpenFL online which seems to be the best way to port flash games into html5. 2) Can I have a multi platform app in which suppose 100 games are there - 50 made in Phaser and 50 made in OpenFL? 3) I had read in one website that Phaser is not good for resolutions above 600x400 px. Is this true? 4) Since we want to support all resolutions in Android and iOS- we need vector graphics (the core strength of AIR). Do Phaser/CoreFL support Vector? Thanks, Nish
  2. Hello all, We are expanding our team so we are looking for HTML5 (JS) programmers who are passionate about casual gaming, who want to work in international environments, with very experienced industry peers and great learning opportunities. If you have all these qualities we would like to meet you: A strong desire to learn, collaborate and work hard Organized and proactive Proven proficiency and professional experience (or extensive amateur experience) in at least one of the following game engines: Phaser Pixie JS Cocos2D-html5 Haxe/OpenFL Playcanvas Extensive domain of HTML5 and JavaScript Have demos or portfolio you can share Knowing some/all of these skills will make you a little bit more suitable for the position: Intermediate, Advanced or University Studies in Programming Experience working with third-party SDKs (Facebook, Adm...) Experience developing multiplayer games Knowledge of AWS or Google Cloud Knowledge of Unity 3D English You are gonna help us: Technical implementation of the games we make Guarantee the highest quality of our products Collaborate in the design of games Create a better working environment Benefits Flexible schedule with core hours from 10:00 to 15:00 (you choose when to work the rest) Possibility to grow professionally in the company To be able to learn from professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Join one of Europe's most successful casual gaming companies Possibility of working remotely if you are not in Barcelona PM us your updated CV (and a link to your portfolio) and we will contact you shortly. THIS IS A PAID POSITION
  3. Path Squared, my new 40 level path following puzzle game is now complete ! let me know what you think Here's the Link : Path Squared has been developed in Haxe, designed from the beginning to be native HTML5 (compiled to js), the HTML5 version uses soundjs to handle music and sound effects. It's also available as Android Native (compiled as cpp), and Flash (compiled as3) !
  4. Hi, my 1st post here ! hello all ! I recently made the move from actionscript (AS3) over to Haxe and OpenFL, so i can develop games that compile to flash, html5 and native for mobile in future! - Berts Brain is my first creation, and the prototype version gained 3rd place in one of the 24 hour FGL game jams earlier in the year! (before i took most of the year off doing other things) - it took alot of time to get to the stage where a single source works in flash + html5 and mobile, but now i'm there,all my future games will be hybrid ones too ! Edit : Berts Brain Playable Link here's a link to some screenys on my portfolio site I'm hoping to sell some non-exclusive licenses for either flash or html5 versions, and am also looking to release a primary flash version (currently in bidding over on FGL with a few days to run) - i'm wondering if there are many other revenue avenues for html5 that i could explore too ?? screenshot below :
  5. Hi folks, i put a free State-Machine on github. It is written in Haxe for the OpenFL framework, but can be easily adapted for other frameworks like Flambe. Have fun!
  6. Hey guys! Just wanted to share my newest game (prototype). Link: This one was made using Haxe, OpenFL, HaxePunk and YellowAfterLife's OpenFL-bitfive. Let me know what you guys think!
  7. Hey guys! I'm just getting started in HTML5 development so I thought I'd join up and post what I'm up to. In the last week I've created two super small, generic games, using two different frameworks. They're extremely basic, as I'm still learning the ins and outs of developing plugin-free games! Pixols - TypeScript + Phaser Link: BoxBot - Haxe + OpenFL Link: Feedback is more than welcome, and if you have any guidance for a newbie like myself, I'd love to hear it. Cheers!