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Adventure games


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What are you thoughts about developing graphical adventure (think Monkey island) in HTML5?


It seems that most games sponsored are short and casual, so would anyone be interested in playing adventure in mobile device?


Just wondering...  

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I think it depends on how you're planning to make money out of it. Like MikeHart said above, if you want to get sponsors for it, it may not be worth it. Also, web game portals are after short and casual games, and may not be interested in a longer game at all.


I guess you could wrap it up as a native app, and that would work. Also, if your game is good, you could get people to play it from your website for free for the first part, then ask them to pay. It's a bit hard to get a decent number of players that way, but not impossible.


I for one would be happy to pay, if it was a good adventure game :)

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I have worked on several (full price) adventures in the (far) past and even back then, with publishers in place, paying upfront for the development, it was incredibly hard to make money off them. The player audience was quite small but very demanding, that is a quite unpleasant combination to cater for.


If I were you, I'd stay clear. I'd love to see great adventures for HTML5, but I do believe that everyone who attempts this seriously (above the level of those "Where is Waldo"-style finding puzzle games) is doomed to lose a lot of money.

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Adventures game requires a lot of work / time, because you have to make a strong and credible story that you'll turn into a game. This is a very different process than making an arcade game. Plus, the very large public doesn't care about reading and emotionnally engage theirselves in an interactive story when they play games on the internet.


I think it's a waste of time if you plan to find sponsors with this type of game. But it can be a very positive experience if you do it as a personal project.

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I am dreaming about creating a adventure in the browser for a looong time now. I even layed out a whole adventure engine in my mind - the only thing that held me back was my lack of drawing skills :(

But one day.....! :D

After playing "A grain of truth", I am sure adventures in HTML5 have great potential when correctly planned out and made available for mobile devices, as well.

I would make the first part of the game available to people for free and if they like to, they could buy the ability to play the whole game.

You cold even wrap the game into nodewebkit and/or phonegap to offer offline versions for your paying customers.

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I have an idea on the backburner for very simple adventure games.


Something similar to 'Indy's Desktop Adventures', in that the plot and locations are random each time.


Although in my version I was thinking each 'room' would be a square in a grid.


Maybe like a chess with a story I guess!

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