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Favorite video game OST


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What's up folks, I'm new to the forum.  Really quick background: I just started playing around with Phaser a few days ago and right now I'm trying to make an action-platformer.  Check out my website, it's mostly basic Unity stuff but I'd love any feedback. Btw, Is there an introduction forum around here?  I'll post this in there too if there is.


Onto the topic at hand;  What's your favorite VG soundtrack?  So far I've been hitting replay on the old Megaman soundtracks for inspiration.  That and the Dragon Quest 8 OST are my favorites to listen to while I'm working.  


So, let's hear yours.

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Jesper Kyd writes good stuff (Assassin's Creed series, also Kane and Lynch).

Michael McCann did an awesome job on Deus Ex 3.
Angelo Badalamenti - Fahrenheit OST.
Masami Ueda - early Resident Evil series (1-3) (considering how limited he was in synth tech back in the 90s)

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Romancing Saga series OST by Kenji Ito. My all time favorite (love the battle music)!
Also love most of the Metal Slug soundtrack.

My recent favorite collection is The Blocks Cometh ost by Hyperduck Soundworks, lovely stuff! :)

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Newschool stuff: I really like Jablonsky's work on the "Gears of War" series.


Oldschool stuff: The one opening title music that changed everything when I first heard it back in the 80s: 



Mind blown for little fluff. (My first computer was a beat down, 3rd hand C-64 my father "organized" in 1987)

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