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How to monetize desktop games?


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Hi there,

I have a few games with adMob and I´m really happy with that, it works really web but obv, ONLY on mobile.


The fact is that now, I have a desktop game that I would like to monetize but I don´t find options, everthing is only for mobile (well, not everything but kind of), so my questions is this, how do you guys monetize desktop games? Tips, tutorials, links, whatever... are very welcome.



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Ok, cool, I´m gonna check it.


And also, maybe a silly question, but I´m gonna ask it anyway :D Can you upload a game to kongregate, gamejolt... and embed it later on Facebook Canvas? I guess you can´t as you need a https, so if I buy my certificate and upload it to my server, could I be able to still use the kongregate ads there?


I´m a total noob with this, so I´m really sorry if I ask dumb questions :(

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Hi @totallybueno


Some of the way you can monetise your web (desktop) games ...


- Sell Licences (exclusive / non-exclusive)

- Put ads in your games and on your game pages (if you have your own site)

- Sell your game on various stores (e.g. Google, Steam etc.)

- Sell games from your own website - with special perks (e.g. hd assets / commentary etc.)

- Find a publisher for your game (e.g. Big Fish)

- Distribute your game to portals for rev share (not my favourite - I'd try to build my own following instead)


Hope this helps :)

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Thanks ninjadoodle :)


Basically I´m interested in the first two points, can you tell me places to try to sell licenses for the game?


Also, about the ads, I wanted to include them into de canvas to have the posibility of embed the game in any website (and Facebook) with the ads, but I don´t find any option, probably I´ll just upload it to gamejolt or something like that and problem is over (but not as I wanted to).


Thanks mate :)

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Here are some links for you ( some of them you have to pay for, but they are a worthwhile investment ) ...










About the ads, try contacting some of the ad providers ... e.g. Ad4game etc.

Some of them might be supporting ads inside the games themselves now.

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i made a simple 2d game back in 2013, placed it on the mac app store. it did pretty well actually. was pulling in ~3k/mo. It was much better than going with fgl or other platforms. Unfortunately i didn't have time to maintain it. 


pm me if you'd like to know more.


Did you use ads? That´s what I was thinking about... maybe try that way.

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