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Found 9 results

  1. In this game you will use your special costume which allows you to transform into mechanical objects (Car, Rocket, Helicopter, Magnet, Motorcycle, ...) to avoid obstacles, collect Vortex Gems in levels and defeat the Assas (The bad guys who want to destroy the world). The Multiplayer mode allows you to participate in world championships with other players. With this game you will always discover a new way to have fun! Game link: • Web (HTML5) version (Gamemonetize.com) • Android version (Google Play)
  2. Can you create HTML5 games using the Azure cloud platform, and what specific techniques can you learn in the AZ-204 online training to achieve this?
  3. ashware.nl/escape A combination of existing brick pushing / sliding game and a maze with 4 exits. The board is filled randomly with bricks and in a second sweep the easy exits (found by a web worker) are blocked with some extra bricks. Every time you exit the number of bricks is increased a little.
  4. Hi guys, I recently saw that one of my html5 games was being sold on the Microsoft Store without my authorization, I contacted Microsoft and asked to remove my game, the developer named MINLISOFT is downloading html5 games from the web and selling them on the Microsoft Store. Check if your game has been stolen and published on the Microsoft Store, just search the Microsoft Store for the name of the developer MINLISOFT to see the list of stolen games, he published more than 300 stolen games.
  5. It's war and enemies have captured your base. You are the last soldier from your troop in the base so only you can fight it back. Take the rifle and get ready for the battle. Play Warfare Area
  6. Hello, I wanted to share our demo release with you guys. Click & Play: https://tarutarolegends.com/ it can be played in chrome browser and on mobile IPhone7 and newer or comparable Android device. Plus, I hoped you may could help to spread the word, since I am pretty bad with social media. thx https://mobile.twitter.com/weedshaker more info at: https://shoga9team.com/
  7. I have an HTML5 Code i want to know what need to change to submit the game ?
  8. Hi there, I have a few games with adMob and I´m really happy with that, it works really web but obv, ONLY on mobile. The fact is that now, I have a desktop game that I would like to monetize but I don´t find options, everthing is only for mobile (well, not everything but kind of), so my questions is this, how do you guys monetize desktop games? Tips, tutorials, links, whatever... are very welcome. Thanks.
  9. Cube Fall is a game about placing cubes, making rows, and scoring hundreds of thousands of points! Red cubes constantly fall from the sky. You have to tap and drag them to form rows. When a row is made it explodes, gives bonus points, increases your multiplier, and starts a combo. Get multiple rows in row to increase your combo even further! If a red cube hits the ground, in will lock a row, end your combo, and reset your multiplier. As cubes are placed, red cubes fall faster and spawn more often. Along with this, there also is a timer counting down! To earn more time you must combo rows, otherwise you will run out of time. Every minute a glowing row will appear. Place blocks in the row to get bonus points! Live as long as possible and score hundreds of thousands of points, maybe even millions! Want a bit more of a challenge? Then increase the speed! Play Cube Fall! Check Out My Blog!
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