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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, This is my first post here, so I'm a 22 years old guy from Hungary, who's an absolutely newbie in this HTML5 world. I've read a lot about different ways of monetization methods, that can be applied to HTML5 games optimized for mobile. I have some plans, that wouldn't fit on a mobile screen for some reason (for example control difficulties). So here is my question: is there any option to earn some money from these games, too? Thank you for your answers in advance! blakkmjoln
  2. Hi All! We have developed a complex monetization solution for browser extensions (chrome extensions, browser addons, toolbars, etc) and I would like to invite extension developers to try it and make money.
  3. Is it allowed to monetize a Phaser based game for the web ( not mobile) trough Google AdSense ads ?
  4. Hi , I am looking for someone interested in cooperating for marketing, developing strategies to monetize own games . I recently finished a game that was accepted on facebook app center even though it doesn't 'sell' by itself . I was wondering if anyone is working on this principal aspect of game development so to join forces .
  5. Hello everyone, I am the creator of , traducted 10 days ago from the popular french version, that made me enough $ to live for the 2 last years. The site publishes 3500 flash/html5 games site with onsite leaderboards. I built the sites from scratch with 100% custom code. I am currently looking for the best HTML5 game devs, marketers, managers, traductors, etc. I am looking for partnerships, giving a % of the company, revenue share etc. Here is what will need to be done: -Publish more HTML5 great games -Find better ways to monetize the site, if you have ideas, please contact me -Expand the website in other languages, the system is already done, it just need traductions (french is done on: If you think you can bring something great and/or help monetize the project, please contact me.
  6. Hi there, I have a few games with adMob and I´m really happy with that, it works really web but obv, ONLY on mobile. The fact is that now, I have a desktop game that I would like to monetize but I don´t find options, everthing is only for mobile (well, not everything but kind of), so my questions is this, how do you guys monetize desktop games? Tips, tutorials, links, whatever... are very welcome. Thanks.
  7. Hello All, I am part of a team that is creating a platform that allows game developers to monetize their games beyond the standard advertising model. We are looking for finished games that are already being played online that we can tweak to make them a skilled game. A skill game basically means that two people will enter a contest and play the exact same game. The person who the higher score and if needed better time is the winner. 1) We are a skilled game platform that operates world wide. 2) Game developers will get a rake from each game that is played for money or can sell the game to us directly. 3) We specifically looking for HTML 5 games but are also interested in Unity based games. 4) We have also added a marketing level to this program so that people are incentivized via a 7 level affiliate program to tell their friends about the games. If you would like to find out more or would like to submit your game for review please send me an email at We are based in Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV. Sincerely, Ron Strugano FantaZ
  8. Hi there, I have been making games for years, but always working for a company or making exactly what a company wanted in that moment. Now I just finished my first game, the first one that I want to monetize "by myself". I have been reading a little bit about that but I didn´t find good links (I´m pretty sure they´re there...) and I want to know the steps that I should take in consideration to sell my game. protect the code? send it to sponsors? list it in portals? Ads or no ads? Blah blah blah. I would like to find all that information and compile it for all the people that is starting with this like I´m, so every help would be appreciated, links, advices, books... everything Thanks in advance and help me, help us. * PROTECT/UGLYFY YOUR CODE * DON´T PUBLISH YOUR GAME IN A PUBLIC PORTAL IF YOU WANT A SPONSOR