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Movement in HTML5 market?


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Hey all,


just curious what you think or know about the current movement of some of the well known sponsors. It seems like they are branching out with some interesting new projects, e.g.:


- MiniJuegos seems to work on miniplay.com


- Kimia Solutions just released a new Android App called GameClips


- BoosterMedia gets more money from investors and trying to expand their work with third party devs


- SpilGames is building up its own team of HTML5 game devs


What's your opinion about it? Is the HTML5 game market close to its final break through?


Do you know any more current changes?


Just interested in your opinion. 





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To add to that, a lot of the big names in tech are doing some interesting things in HTML5. Firefox OS continues to release to more markets, Tizen is big on HTML5 and backed by Samsung and Intel, and Ubuntu Phone seems to be making process (also focused on HTML5). Blackberry is on a bit of a downswing, but they're big on HTML5 as well. Amazon updated their App Store to accept HTML5 apps and seems to be putting a good bit of effort into it.

There's quite a bit more than just the sponsor market - though that has traditionally been the easier way to generate revenue.

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