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Found 10 results

  1. for you, what will be the future of the web games market? Is there still a future or is the market close to death?
  2. Hello, I am a newcomer to html5 business. I think I missed the golden era because I read some of the posts on the forum about how html5 market is falling. I am thinking of focusing on high quality content and selling exclusive licenses. I wonder if this is still possible and feasible in first quarter of 2018.
  3. I invite you all guys to submit your webgl games on www.MekArtStudio.com it's easy and fast you just have to register then you'll find an option for adding your games. the website is new and fresh and that's why you'll have more chance to get your game noticed. Submit your game now
  4. Hi guys, I think that Phaser need a market place like Ionic Framework, see the example: market.ionic.io What do you think? I think that it's an excellent idea!! Regards, Nicholls
  5. Who else agrees? A Phaser market site like http://market.ionic.io/ Regards, Nicholls
  6. Hi guys, The community need create more advanced websites using Pixi.js, exist any tutorial (free or not) to create websites using the canvas fullscreen with Pixi.js? For example: - http://flashvhtml.com/ - https://runpixierun.tresensa.com/ I can't find the best way to do that, guys help please! PD: What do you think about to create a PixiJS Market to find Pixi tools for games? Like http://market.ionic.io/ Regards, Nicholls
  7. Hi everyone! A while ago I made some HTML5 games and licensed them for money. Recently I made some flash games but that market seems to be dying. Is the HTML5 market doing any better? Is it worth it to make a HTML5 game? Let's say I take a week to two weeks to make the game. Would I be able to get at least 1k from exclusive or non-exclusive deals? What quality target am I looking at? Anything shining light onto the topic is greatly appreciated!
  8. In two years, after the gold rush of 2013 and crash and burn of 2014 the market has drastically changed. This thread is an 'opinion hub' for everyone interested in where the market is heading and how to stay relevant. Major points: Small portals went out of business, only major ones remained: Spil Games, Booster Media, Famobi (Kaiser), KeyGames, ClickJogos, SoftGames.Prices went down (~ 3x since 2013), exclusives became extremely rare.Small simple games are not sellable anymore. Do not waste your time making one.Publishers want native quality, gameplay depth, player progression, unlocks, in-game shops, etc. Quick cloning of trending games from appstore will make you at least a few sales.To make a good exclusive deal your game should be fun on both desktops and mobiles, and should be wrapped as native mobile app too.Do not count on more than $5,000 for exclusive, even if you have a decent quality game on hands. Even in 2013 $10k was the upper limit.If you have a quality html5 game, you better wrap it in native and find a proper mobile publisher instead (may be through FGL).But mobile games market is already oversaturated, so do not count on anything unless you have buckets of luck.If you have a decent portfolio, you can make a living creating games on contract basis. Generally it's less risky and more profitable.According to hype cycle html5 is past its peak of inflated expectations. But it's still on its way to plateau of productivity.Learn to make sustainable business out of game development to stay afloat in the long term. Feel free to add more in the comments!
  9. Hey all, just curious what you think or know about the current movement of some of the well known sponsors. It seems like they are branching out with some interesting new projects, e.g.: - MiniJuegos seems to work on miniplay.com - Kimia Solutions just released a new Android App called GameClips - BoosterMedia gets more money from investors and trying to expand their work with third party devs - SpilGames is building up its own team of HTML5 game devs What's your opinion about it? Is the HTML5 game market close to its final break through? Do you know any more current changes? Just interested in your opinion. Best, benny!
  10. Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to analyse the whole HTML5 Gaming Market (Opportunities & Threats), I'm still missing some info or sources regarding the following questions, maybe someone here around could help me (1) What are you guys thoughts/feelings on HTML5 games? (2) HTML5 Games sourcing for Gaming Portals: How and where can a Gaming portal find quality HTML5 content? Are there any publishers focused on that or do they have to source them themselves? How are the deals with the publishers looking (Rev share deals? CPA/CPL? ...) (3) The Gaming community feeling about HTML5 games: How are HTML5 games perceived by the gamers, developers, etc.? Do they see it as an opportunity or as a threat? What issues are they facing and how could they be helped? (4) Are HTML5 games the easiest/cheapest way to go Mobile for a Gaming Company? Any thoughts, sources or info would help me do not hesitate to post everything you have! Thank you all in advance for you precious help! Hugo
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