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Hello team,


we are looking for motivated people to create playgrounds that will be used as feature demos:



If you want to contribute here are the rules:

- Code should be dead simple

- Only one feature showcased at a time

- If it can be pretty that's a big plus


Please just provide a playground and if it is ok I will integrate them directly on www.babylonjs.com (Please credit yourself in comments in your code)


Please note that you can also improve existing ones :)

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i work to make a shader sample for this subjects :


mix multi material 

replace color 

gif animation

create specular ,light and  frensel  on the shader for each object

noise function

append dynamic light effect and shadow effect on the object



esimation time for release useful shader for babylonjs (with tools ) 15 dec 2015

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One question (off topic) :

Is that super powerfull marvelous logarithmic depth buffer will be activated by default, or we'll need to activate it manually (performance drawbacks ?)


And one thought (on topic :P) :

Ok for this kind of demo but typically we could improve a little the "impact" and relevance of these demos (even those techy ones for demonstrate features) by bringing... "consistency" .


I'll explain what I mean : here you have a demo with beautiful spheres, and ugly cubes. Is it on purpose ?

What is the problem in my opinion ?

First, this is an aesthetically frightening mix :lol:, but this is not the real drawback, the point is that this "strange graphical choice" is misleading and make the feature more difficult to get and understand at first sight. Why ? Because since this aspect is disturbing due to its inconsistency, we tend to inconsciously ask ourself "why this particular mix", leading to think that the logarithmic depth buffering as something to do with fresnel parameters, or reflexion. This question wouldn't pop up to mind with a neutral materials on both spheres and cubes, or splendid materials on both.


I am probably into nitpicking, I know, and I'm sorry for my sociologie à deux balles :D but I've decided to carry out in full the "advisory" role (de chieur :P ) I've started to play those days.


But a fact is better than thousands words, right, so just have a look, I've removed the useless material, replaced it by a neutral (but still "sweet" one) and moved just a little the cubes to let the eyes focused on the real impact of depth buffer.


and now, tadaaa, we more easily see the difference between the two systems  ^_^ .

Ok the demos is not showing anymore marvelous spheres with supa powa reflexion cubemaps fresnel environnement, but the initial goal has been achieved B).

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About the SPS demo, I will have really very little time to do one new from scratch because I will attend to a big conf the whole next week where I must present a poster. 

There I will try to introduce the 3D network weathermap featuring BJS in the lightning talk sessions (submissions ans selections on monday... I'm currently working on two prototypes and their related presentations).


Is there a deadline for these feature demos ? and for 2.3 release ?


If I can't code a nice SPS demo before, maybe could I propose one of the existing example in the doc (a bit improved) and submit something more  designed after ?

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