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Hi guyz !


    This time it's a little demo about this "famous" analyzer.

    This one use the last "lookat" PG we did.


    Hope you enjoy and if you have any questions, feel free to bother me :D


    If you want a demo from a BabylonJS function/feature etc, if i can i'll do it !


    Next time i will introduce how to use jsRocket with BabylonJS but in a different topic.


    PG : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#24E0LR#11





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@stv. Seeing your stuff, that reminds me a music visualiser I used to watch for hour many years ago. AcidSpunk, a Winamp plugin by Soren Holstebroe. That was just the most brilliant, inventive, beautiful, constantly changing, visualiser I've never seen. The super idea was to mix many genius color effects applyed to changing 3D environnements acting as deformers for the visualisation. And it was possible to fine tune everything and define percentage of usage of each effect to remove those ugliest and let only the best ones.

I would love to see something similar with BJS.

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Hi Babylonyzers !


    Here is another little demo called "Saturne".


    I just wanted to try out thoses famous SPS :)


    The demo feature :

    - Solid particles system

    - Volume light scattering

    - Fresnel material

    - Skybox

    - a bit of DOF


    Hope you'll enjoy !





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Not sure if that counts as a feature demo, but it shows the SPS and it's pickable feature in something you could call a mini... or maybe better a micro game :D




Edit: you have to shoot the hearts until the counter in the background hits 0, if that wasn't clear ;)


Edit 2: I call them "solid hearticles" now.. get it?!? ;):D

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Ah, nevermind that. It's just saying that this is for day 11 of the xmas calender, that you managed to get all the hearts and it reveal where you present is hidden - that's the TODO there. Gonna present if to my girl friend the day after tomorrow and hide a tiny little present for her somewhere in the apartment. But I think I should make a bit  harder... maybe a time limit would be a good idea.

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@iiceman: really great one, my son played with it over an hour ! :)


Well.... I just played with CSG (and found some bugs) but here is some results :


PG :

    - Flyby version : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#G5CYM#18

    - Analyser version : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#G5CYM#16

Online full page :

    - Flyby version : http://synergy-development.fr/CSG/flyby.html

    - Analyser version : http://synergy-development.fr/CSG/analyser.html


hope you enjoy ! :)





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@Stvsynrj: he really did? wow, that's cool. By the way, it works quite well on mobile, too, if you don't want him to block you pc ;)



Of course those little hearts are not as cool and fancy as all of your demos! Great work again, you always make those things that make me go "oohhww... cooool" :D

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Hi guyz !


    Here is how i used instances to make someting cool (I hope).


    In the scene that you will see there is only one object, then i made instances of it and positionned them in circle to make this kind of star.


    So the loading time is short because the .babylon is 75ko.






    Hope you enjoy et feel free to watch the source code and bash me :D



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