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Hi all,

Let's have a little fun here :)

Crack open your creative skills and have a go at designing a new banner for the HTML5 Game Devs forum. The new banners will be put into rotation along with the current one.


  1. It must be 84 pixels in height.
  2. It must be between 300 px and 500 px in width. No more, no less.
  3. It doesn't have to include the current logo (available here), but can do so if you wish.
  4. No animated gifs. PNGs only.
  5. No blatant advertising of your own products or games. It's for the forum, not your signature.
  6. Anything offensive or sexist will be ignored, and your immaturity smirked at.

That's it!

Enter by attaching your banner as a reply to this thread. Closing date is February 29th 2016.

Remember this isn't about design skills (although that of course helps), it's about making something fun :)

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I joined the HTML5 Game Devs forum two years ago on Feb 20th 2014 - so this is my 2nd. anniversary :)

And rich said at the top, "Let's have a little fun here"  So here is my fun:


Yes, I know it does not fit the image restrictions that rich imposes but it is my "little bit of fun". Scroll with a mouse wheel to zoom in and out, left mouse and drag to rotate. Also runs on my Samsung Tab A tablet - swipe to rotate and pinch to zoom.

The 3d geometry was created in Blender, the skybox textures produced with Spacescape and the earth texture is from NASA Visible Earth images by Reto Stöckli. Driven by the Babylon.js game framework. It took less than an hour to create.

The green spheres are the locations of the people above on this thread, the purple spheres people I have met on the Babylon forum here - and the red sphere is me.

Ohh and this image below is a quick attempt to meet rich's standards  :o.

EDIT: Update the "Logo" link above to reflect all the contributors to this thread, as of Feb 26th 2016, who have indicated a place/location on this thread. Had to google "Plettenberg Bay;)


EDIT 2: Ignore this logo submission rich - I have added a new one, Feb 26th post below

cheers, gryff :)

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